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old sock eye

I felt pretty good today, washed the bowls, etc., used for that giant batch of so-called cornbread.  Which turned out great, texture-wise, but wasn't as delicious as the last time I made it.  I used cornmeal, corn masa, multi-grain GF flour, rice meal, instant potatoes, plus the peas, lentils, corn, etc.  But the corn masa was going stale, the potatoes were already bad, and the flour was - is - over 7 years old.  Maybe even 10.  If you can  believe that.  Because there was a time when I stocked up on it.  I have a 5-gallon bucket of it that's been sitting in my storage locker.  I'll never eat that, so I'm not sure what will be done with it.  I also have 25 pounds of rice downstairs that is almost as old.  I might open that up the next time I make my dog's wet batch.  The thought of it scares me.

Anyway, the cornmeal creation has a bad taste to it, that can be ignored.  So, it is nice to have so much of it available for my morning coffee.

Decided that I would trek to Aldi's, and back, tomorrow.  Took a deep hot bath in preparation for that.  Then the recent headache returned with full force.  So, I have been incapacitated in bed for a few hours.  Probably won't go tomorrow.  But there may be rain for the next 5 days after that.  I have no more bread or greens, and am almost out of the sacred sunflower seeds.  And bleach.

Dog is fine.  Dog comes first.  Will need to buy more chicken, (which is heavy to carry, along w/ bleach, etc).  To stretch out the (rubber?) chicken, I have been supplementing it, every other day, with one of those rawhide which were boiled in chicken broth.  Works really well.  I keeop them frozen.  (Dog owners take note).

Also pulled out the frozen salmon - and several other things in my freezer, that need to GO.  I am going to discern whether any of them can go into the salmon dish I'll be making.  Boy this headache has been BAD.  As usual, I had thoughts to post, but am deferring until another day.
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