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I posted a fuzzy-logic entry about rising violence, due to the ambiguity with which we are now dealing with the present crisis. Fox and NPR don't help matters, and I am generally embarrassed to be here. Especially HERE, in this town. My main example was the Super-8 shooting that occurred a few days ago. The gunman shot three, killed one, and then committed suicide. And what's the latest news on that incident? The shooter was from THIS TOWN - of course.

I talk and talk about all the stupidity here, but I am trying to reveal how and why the social dysfunction results in violence, especially during, "these difficult times." As I said, more and more sirens, more and more passive aggression, more and more focusing on people like me as being the problem/s. The other day, I was out with my dog, on the sidewalk, and I turn around, and there is this guy on a back heading straight at us. So, I have to quick-pull the dog away, as the guy rips passed, with a disingenuous, "excuse me..." I gather my foggy mind together as fast as I can and say, "On the street, please!"

The next day, I see that someone has ridden a bike through the yard, twice, instead of the sidewalk. Probably the same guy, pulling the same backwards, cowardly revenge. As usual. And, yesterday, I see a guy mowing across the street, but his mower keeps stalling. He seems to be a new owner of that house. So, I walk over there and talk briefly. No big deal. But I believe this got A-hole Guy all riled up, because his motor cycle started growling loudly all over the place. This is what he does.

Today, I see A-hole Guy's surrogate mowing down the street, working this way. I suspect there may be trouble, like mowing into our yard again, due to A-hole Guy's latest jealousy fit. So, I keep an eye on things, (wasting a lot of time). Meanwhile, I hear someone visitting the crazy man downstairs. Probably male, because the voices were loud and insistent, but I didn't investigate. Then it occurred to me that it could have been A-hole Guy! And it makes sense, hypothetically: He must have been down there trying to get Crazy Man to give him permission to mow the lawn, and also to get Crazy Guy bitching about me. I do suspect this sort of thing, because Crazy Ban was stomping aggressively both during and after the visit.

Well, the hypothetical scheme didn't work. What probably happened was that Crazy Man called the LL to get the OK, and, if so, she would have said no - BECAUSE I have warned her all about A-hole Guy, whether or not she wanted to hear it. Well, I am looking out the window, and A-hole Guy shows up, hailing him about something, so, yes, he was probably up to something.

So, eventually the mower guy is around the other side of the house, and A-hole Guy meets with him and an argument ensues between them. I believe A-hole Guy is trying to get him to mow into our lawn, as he has done before. Smelling failure, and dressed pretty cool, the mower guy turns him down. This hypothesis was supported later, when I went out with dog, and saw that the mower guy had, this time, mowed well-away from our lawn, as none of them have ever done before. And, he did not walk through our yard with his mower after he was done, as he usually does. So, it looks like this guy is wising up, not wanted to continue begin an instrument of A-hole Guy's jealousy games. This is all theory, but not only does the evidence fit well, but there is a history informing all this. It's basically the same, predictable dance over and over again from A-hole Guy, who also seems jealous that I talked to some new white male neighbours recently. (Not sure if the raiding of my recyclables bin happened before or after that).

Oh, yesterday, I was taking a leak and A-hole Guy apparently heard this form outside, and began knocking on the wall, and soon after that sped away in his motorcycle, full throttle. He has been doing the angry motorcycle thing ever since I moved here. But I can't say for sure if the bathroom incident was an actual A-hole-related event.

So, anyway, this is the sort of stupidity that occurs in this town, along with all the sirens, so I am not surprised that the Super-8 shooter was from here - the same place I have described as being profoundly ambiguous during the Corona crises. I was outside w/ dog tonight, and apparently a guy in a car parked in front of A-hole Guy's house yelled something at me, possibly, "Get a job!" Just another indication that there is yet another micro-local movement to stick shit to me. It just goes on and on, year after year, to not point. But these people take their nonsense very seriously, and some of them are happy to express themselves in bullets.

And the way the LL has supported the dysfunction around this house, which I have posted about, is part of the negligence and conspiracy of passivity throughout the 'upper' levels of society which tacitly, and sometimes actively, encourages the social, and so economic and political, dysfunction.

Well, I saw a nice movie, "Lean On Me," on how a teacher walks into a Patterson NJ, mainly black, high-school and turns it around. The way people resisted this reminds me of the way people have hated on me, when I haven't walked in as a bully, but as someone needing to mind his own business. On the other hand, A-hole Guy has acted like a complete angry black male bully, thinking himself the saviour of the neighbourhood, when in fact he inspires negativity and hate. He uses his authority to amass more money, and pushes against anybody who doesn't play into this scheme of things. I have seen these selfish, narcissistic, angry men parade through my life, from relatives and friends and bosses to the Crazy Gay Guy On The Corner, and the maniac hyper-Christian man who tried to buy up my neighbourhood, flipping houses, until the housing crisis of 2008 destroyed him. I've seen losers gather around these false prophets, seeking ten dollars, fifty dollars, etc. I see it set up and I see it fail over and over again and I just don't know why people keep walking into it blind as bats. The same holds true for institutions and theories that stand for centuries only to fall, as if all was for naught. It's a silly theatrical farce by goons who may as well be miniature robots. And for these delusions - and motorcycles - they march on to war, making them as expendable as toilet paper.

"Lean On Me" couldn't happen here, because there is no support of a strong, independent leader who could turn things around. The local police department is putting out a call for new officers, who have INTEGRITY. (lol!) I feel like writing and saying that integrity is precisely what this town is trying to prevent. Cases in point: The cop who told me he would open my apartment, and didn't, leaving me to walk more miles in the cold. Or the cop who hung up on me, and then was munching on a sandwich when I called back a few minutes later. Or the LL who did not respond to my request for security cameras, because the cop wouldn't take me seriously - because there are no security cameras! Right, drop the integrity, replace it with technology, AI, robots - viruses - bullets! THIS IS NOT AMERICA.
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