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You're no species of mine!

Monday night, I dreamt that I was back in my HS, and noticed something wrong with it's "chimney". Some kind of colourful beam was shooting out of it. Later in the day, the "furnace" malfunctioned and the HS burnt down. Friends and I escaped into the woods. There, we encountered a dangerous tiger. Younger dreams mean healing, and tigers usually represent energy in CFS.

"Last night", I dreamt that I had returned to journalling via pen and paper. I wrote my "refutation" or "repudiation" of McKinley. I also canoed out to an island off the coast of Maine. Then later returned. It was a reliving of my HS days when I was into Thoreau. reading, "The Maien Woods." My father was indelicate with my reading or writing interest, in the dream, as in real life. My father and I had a paper route, once. He was disappointed because, once or twice, readying at 5:am, I lay down on the bathroom and fell asleep. Little did my father understand that I had pre-CFS, and night-person genes. So, I let him down - but he let me down when I was younger, rushing through the woods instead of stopping to look at flowers, which I thought was the point of our little day we were supposed to have. "Stop dragging your feet!"

This is a song I heard again recently, which recalls something that my father actually did say to me, more than once:

or try - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZbHcAPsllE

Anyway, this is a composite post - partly written last night. TODAY, headache still playing games, but I am eager to do some theme-thinking soon.

Briefly, in one Wiki pursuit, I realised:

Well, you know these New Guinea people had a thing for eating brains which, I suppose, is a creative take on inbreeding. They contracted Kuru, and died. (So, of course, they kept eating brains, probably to save them from more Kuru). Note that this sort of honorific cannibalism is a kind of religious superstition, yes?

Once, when reading about Neandertal, I conjectured - in fact I posted it - that since indigenous people in New Guinea have a relatively high amount of genes inheritted from Neandertal, and Neandertal are thought to have engaged in Cannibalism, (and I also concluded that Neandertal were "religious"), then perhaps these tribes were carrying on a tradition from their Neandertal ancestors, (which would be impressiegv in itself), AND / OR, perhaps these tribes also inheritted the Neandertal propensity to DIE when they ingested the deadly Kuru prion - and the ones that DIDN'T die were somehow protected from it genetically.

It turns out that most people in the world have a genetic protection from getting nervous wasting diseases like Kuru - or CJB, Alzheimers, etc. They don't die. But Neandertals apparently didn't have this genetic protection, and so it is theorised that deadly prions via Homo Sapiens, one way or another, helped to exterminate them, along with other things, like a volcanic eruption, etc.

So, these New Guinea tribes are an admixture of Sapiens and Neandertal, mostly Sapiens. Those with the S genes survived, those lacking that S gene died. So, in this way, the population of New Guinea went from predominantly Neandertal to predominantly Sapiens, over tens of thousands of years, (I can't say how Denisovans came down in all this - probably the same as Neandertals).

Think of it on a global scale. Sapiens have been winning out over Neandertals when it comes to wasting diseases, since 70,000 years ago. CJS is is an interesting wasting disease, in that the predisposition, (or lack of defense), can be inheritted, or the CJS can be contracted from prions in the environment. Either way, the Sapiens genetic defense beats it. But, if you are too Neandertal, and lack that gene, you will die if CJS comes your way.

So far as we know, Alzheimers has no external (prion) cause, (although genetic damage from the environment can play a role). Caucasians, (who do have notable Neandertal genetic inheritance), seem to have evolved an allele which helps protect them from Alzheimers. But that is something different to what I am simplistically calling the S gene. Rather, it probably evolved precisely because of the inheritted (Neandertal) likelihood of developing Alzheimers.

Most people are protected from getting these wasting diseases. But my theory, now given some strength, is that those people where the inheritance from Neandertal doesn't allow the S gene protection, will be the ones to die from them, (unless they are sufficiently protected by the Allele mentioned above). So, it looks like there continues to be a slow die-off of Neandertals within the entire human population! (However, it is possible to retain other Neandertal genes and still have the S gene protection. And, sometimes, it may be possible that there are other evolutionary reasons for retaining bad or missing genes).

Neandertal never went extinct. Those that survived are within our own DNA, and "junk DNA", some of us more than others. There was a lot of Sapiens DNA that existed in the bodies of those Neandertals that actually did die off. Not to mention all the other Sapiens that perished for good or bad evolutionary reasons. So, its all a matter of relativity. It was the very admixture that helped what we call humanity prevail.

I should note another conjecture I had: that Neandertal were, in a way, "autistic." From what I've read, lately, it is looking that this is true, in a way. And, like a lot of autistics, they were probably geniuses, in some ways. I do have this continuing suspicion that the Neandertal influence or inheritance has been largely responsible for our early interests in math, astronomy, 'mound-building', and religion. There are many theories about the behaviour, society or intelligence of Neandertal, which I continue to see as being incorrect. More later.

What is to be done?

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