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Why, just the other day I was sayin' how glad I was that them there Giant People on the corner finally put in some blinds.  Solved a lot of problems, I said.  Well, watcha know, today I was outside and all the blinds were back down, as fast as they went up.  And everything inside was EMPTY!  They're gone!  All that was left was the sound of A-hole Guy, (the landlord), tapping a hammer away inside.

Every time any of his tenants start getting nice with me, liking me, they are evicted - or else they leave - I don't know which happened in this case.  He starts off badmouthing me to new tenants, and eventually they must realise that it is he who is the problem.  (It would be hilarious if the jackass and his ilk didn't make me ill).  Instead of it being some crazy drunken racist white guy messing with all the blacks, they come to see that it is one black guy in particular who has been fomenting hate, and constantly messing with me!  One jealous, greedy, narcissistic, bullying, racist black guy.  The same sort of character which built this fine empire of ours.

Well, with them gone, maybe most of the trek-passing through my yard will stop.  That was innitiated by said asshole, then taken up by the skunk-faced guy who bought the house on the other side of me.  THAT skunk lived with the giant people on the corner, so, back and forth, back and forth.  And the giant people's two tiny dogs not only ran at my dog yapping, they pissed in my yard, which my dog somehow NEEDS to lick, because maybe he likes getting parvo or corona.  The problem is: Who will be the next neighbours there, and how enthusiastically will they take up A-hole Guy's endless war against me?  Why this war?  He doesn't know it - he just knows he hates me - he doesn't know that the reason is because HE WANTS THIS HOUSE.  Rationalizah.

I think, you know, I think I was even wearing gloves at the library in December.  Or at least by January.  And I told you all about how senseless were most of the people I encountered at stores here, in March and maybe even in February.  Not wearing masks.  Hating on me because I did.  One lady, instead of social-distancing, stepped into MY distance to exploit it selfishly, (which I dealt with).  They were doing this even as Corporate was putting up plexiglass screens and telling people to social distance.  Again, almost NO ONE was wearing a mask.

Now, the senselessness has flipped.  Now, everyone is wearing a mask.  People as they drive.  People on bikes.  How is that going to help on a bike?  People outside walking around.  And I am out with my dog three times a day with NO mask.  Once again, I am hated on for being so... outstanding.  So, it went from the no-sense unmasked people, to the the no-sense masked people.  Now, you see these two no-sense camps, each buttering their bread on an opposite side, increasingly reflected in the Republicans versus the Democrats.  The Goppers are getting to the point of denying there is much danger, and its all conspiracy, or stupidity from Democratic Governors.  And the DNC Dems are fervently amassing masks, paranoia and fearful blame.  The right wants the economy to begin, which requires naked-faced defiance.  The left wants lives to be saved, Trump to be hanged, and more free money.  Crazy heartless capitalism versus state socialism.  Corporate Big Brother versus State Big Brother.

Meanwhile, what about the people in the middle - the people like me?  The people who wear masks when they need to, and take necessary precautions, but go bare-faced when its OK to do so, and also couldn't give a hoot about most of the panic and propaganda?  What about the non-partisans?  I'll tell you what happens to them.  They get hated on from the right.  They get hated on from the left.  Each side sees the middle as the other side.

As usual, the push-me-pull-you people are segregating into two absolutist poles.  Each side thinks it has all the answers in is almost militantly right.  If either side cannot coopt someone in the middle, then they will make them an enemy.  Same old story.  This happened in Wisconsin politics, which demanded elections go ahead, hoping to make liberals ill.  And Trump instinctively wants to egg on the "Liberators."  Part of this contest is a reemergence of Rural versus Urban sympathies, like the contest of gun control.  But a lot of it is just ideological and inane.

You wonder why the UK and the USA keep getting worse, as far as the pandemic goes?  Part of it has to do with our contentious, wasteful, selfish, unempathetic and anti-resolution, anti-compromise politics.  Simply put, we live in a country where a lot of people can afford to be assholes.  In fact, we invest in it.

I have always worn gloves when outside with dog.  A-hole Guy once mocked this by throwing a glove next to where I collect the dog poop.  He walks through the yard leaving bottles, etc.  Other people walk by and deliberately throw trash.  And when the pandemic "began" here. I could sense both said asshole and the Crazy Bald Guy Downstairs both assuming that I was scared shitless inside, not wanting to go anywhere.  This is an example of the right-wing prejudice against the middle.  Then, they saw me off backpacking to stores, and not wearing a mask when I was out with my dog.  That pretty much put an end to that yet-another-facile-prejudice.

Now, these days, I am out without a mask, while everyone else is senselessly wearing masks: Just wait.  Someone will come along and yell at me for not wearing a mask.  Someone associated with A-hole Guy.

He won't do it himself, because he has been insisting that he is a manly man not only by never wearing a mask, but by speeding around in his motorcycle, or meeting with groups of people.  Two nights ago, the street was full of cars because there was another party going on.

Actually, I should qualify...  Most of the masked people I have seen have been from beyond this neighbourhood.  The neighbourhood is a last stronghold of the right-wing sort of stupidity, but it is starting to switch.  It has been fun to watch A-hole Guy lose control of his vast domain, refusing to give in to the new viral oppression.  Now, people were wearing gloves and avoiding contact and being real and what was his reaction?  Part of it was to double down on trying to intimidate me.  I am some kind of symbol for the problem, which has nothing to do with me.

This is how super-right-wing people think, whether they are white supremacists or blacks who ally with Clarence Thomas or Louse Farrakhan.  Vague fear or uncertainty is converted into symbolic targets for blame.  Thus there is a super-denial of underlying cowardice, and a hyping up of anger, hate and violence, but usually in the company of GROUPS, or in the dead of night.  This describes A-hole Guy to a tee.  An ultimate coward.

Anyway, it has also been interesting watching how fear has motivated people and politics these last months.  When it comes down to it, people want to get LIMBIC, right?  Reptilian.  Fight or flight.  Republican or democrat.  And this general movement inevitable leads to a bipolarising of society.  Should we take  more precautions - is that the GOOD?  Should we break open into defiant freedom - is that the GOOD?  Masses run to one solution.  Masses run to the other.  Until my good is your bad and my bad is your good.

And that's how people in the middle, just like the middle class, get shaved away.

We keep acting this way, we turn into a Third World Country, handing the world over to China and its corrupt, demeaning system.  Do we need a dictator to control all these, or can we not control ourselves?  The people in the middle can, but who is their voice?  Where is their power?  What will it take to redeem their wealth and common SENSE?

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