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Biden Addresses Sexual Assault Allegations: ‘My Advisors Told Me To Say They Aren’t True’
WASHINGTON—Addressing allegations by Tara Reade that the Democratic presidential candidate sexually assaulted her during her time as a Senate aide, Joe Biden responded after weeks of silence Friday by telling reporters, “My advisors told me to say they aren’t true.” “I want to be clear—my campaign staff explicitly…

I forgo opinionating on Joe Biden, for now.  But NPR is actually playing a clip which I heard a day or two ago, of him denying the allegation quiet incoherently.  I wonder how many listeners caught it, or if they are beyond all hope of thinking for themselves by now.  His quip went something like this:

"Every woman has a right to be heard and presumed innocent.  There needs to be a trial and the facts should be looked at.  And the facts in this case is that this is all untrue and she is lying!"  *que fake outrage*

I added "lying" for emphasis.  In a three-step syllogism, Biden goes from presuming Reade innocent to furiously declaring her guilty.  What do you expect from a DNC career insider?

NPR is overplaying this confirmation-bias story.  And the analysis went something like this: "Wasn't Donald trump also accused by soooo many more women?"  "Yes, he was."  "And what did he dooooo?"  "Well, he DENIED them all!"   Ahah!  Let's blame Donald Trump again!  And they only decided to cover the Biden story AFTER they heard Mark Levin yapping about the hypocrisy of #metoo, etc., giving Biden a pass, and presuming Reade was lying, when, according to their byline, "Every woman coming forward should be believed!"

This is not a pro-Trump or anti-Dems or anti-woman post.  It is just one more anti-bullshit post.
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