I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

"And they'll never do it again..."

I have been inching into making a supplements order.  Finally getting to the site.  But the IP changes, so I sometimes can't get in.  Don't know if it will let me order - if not, then it will be another order by phone.  It will easilly be $200 or more.  And will take days.

Washed dishes that had piled up.  Then boiled a small chicken.  I always include some chicken in my dog's main dinner.  Another box from Chewy arrived today.  Not sure if there is still more to come.  Soon, I will do the major job where I mix three different dry dog foods and load them into a large can.  Involves lots of lifting, etc.  I have a pot on top of the fridge which holds some of the batch, which I use daily, and which gets refilled every so often from the giant can.  It's a system.

I am going to boil the large rawhide "cookie-bones" (that my dog won't eat) in the chicken water, soften them down, and store them all in the freezer.  There are two large bags of them.

Followed up, "Eternal Sunshine...," with, "Truman World" (again), last night, and might watch, "Yes Man," tonight.  Now, actually.  Hopefully might say some things about "Truman Show" later.

A-hole Guy mowed the corner lawn yet again, cutting into this property, of course, so the next time my dog craps there he can attack me again.  Crazy idiot person.  While I was out with dog, 1/2 hour ago, small black girl, a new resident in the corner house, said hi for the first time.  She stood there and repeated something for me, because I had earplugs in.  She asked of my dog, "Does he have Corona?"  So cute.  I said no but stay away anyway cuz ya just never know who has it.  At least it's good to know that some neighbours are actually thinking about the crisis now.

Why did I have earplugs in?  Because of the loud BANGS from the nut downstairs.  And to drown out my own music meant to drown HIM out.  But, he hasn't been attacking lately.  But I never remove them.  He always starts up again.  And, as I was outside w/ dog the other day, A-hole Guy set off a loud firecracker, intended for me, so it is a good thing I decided not to remove them, even though they are bad for me, (tissue paper and witch-hazel).  Yet, even with them in, the firecracker sent a shock right to my heart, and set back my health by days.

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