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As you yourself witnessed, stress throws my CFS backwards.  I had been working on ending my latest full-body headache, and the recent neighbourhood issue put an end to this, so I have been workign on it again today.  However, it could have been worse, if, for instance, I had been heading INTO a relapse instead of coming out of one during the stress-shock.  So, leaving off LJ for at least another day.  Watched through headache, "She's The Man," again.  This loser movie actually has staying power, with a deliberate clever-dorkiness, and several funny moments.  One of the best is at the beginning, when the coach asserts, "I..don't know... that that's... a thing that I... know..!((?)!  Not bad for another teen movie.

I should update about the neighbourhood issue, though...  The day after it happened, (or that day, actually), I asked the next-door visittor guy if he knew anything, and to ask the tenants.  That means that word of this would reach A-hole Guy.  So, that day or the next day, he acted like the good-guy-in-charge again, and mowed the lawn of the house on the corner, which is his.  He has been mowing way too  much, etc., ever since the lockdown started.  Next, I went out and threw down grass seed on this lawn - as I had planned to do, as I received it in the mail, and had to beat the rain.  But, as with everything I do, this probably angered him.  Next, (yesterday), this property's mowers came out and mowed this property - again, a thing A-hole Guy probably saw as competition - because he thinks he owns the neighbourhood.  This evening, I went out with dog, and I saw him sitting next another guy on his front steps, which is something he sometimes does when he hopes to yell at me, (or for other reasons).  I could feel their negative hate spewing between them, and noticed something on my lawn.  Someone had walked through my yard again, which my dog smelt out, rounding the corner, and stepped in some of my pooche's dog shit, carrying along,step by step.  So, the last time he did that, he came and yelled at me, which I blew off.  He continues to trespass and think I am to blame because he steps in shit.  I clean it up every few days, so that's not an issue.  He is just hate incarnate.  Pooh on him.  Karma is my lady.

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