I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


I wrote about the time I spent living alone in a downtown, and how it was so nice, in many ways. Then my two Notre Dame friends came in and claimed my apartment for God. So I moved. (Even though they used the heat, they made me pay the bill, because it was still in my name. (Very christian of them). Then, I got in my car and drove to Madison. I lived in that car until I got a job, and my adventures began. The thing is, I have no memory of where that car came from or what ever happened to it. I don't remember havign it before Madison. I just remember being hit when I was trying to look through the shirts that were hanging from my rear-view mirror. After that, I don't remember it! I just remember walking everywhere.

My sister gave me a car that fell apart when I drove it from the Chicago area to Madison, so it really wasn't much use. I parked it in back of a place where I lived with two girls, who were always drinking beer with their friends. The time came for all of us to move out, so I put all their beer bottles in the trunk of that car. The battery was dead. So I asked this friend to jump it and he got the cables confused and I gloried in scorning him, as I was coming out of a very bad time in my life. So, I moved to a new place or two and then took a plane to Philly, where I ended up with one of the guys who claimed that other apartment for God. That's another story. The police took the car, which had some treasured belongings in it. And that was that. I still get questions about it from banks. It gave me about three rides total. I don't think I even really owned it.

I told you how I saw a commercial around 1995 and said to myself, "I'm going to own that car!" And, years later, I somehow ended up buying the very same car from a guy in Cincinnati, having to pick it up and drive it back. I didn't remember that commercial - I only bought the car based on madman research. That car was deliberately white, to reduce internal heat for my dog. The back windows were tinted dark, also to reduce heat. One day, I went to the library to just run in and run out, so I parked the car beneath a shady tree, leaving a window or two open a little. In the library, I am called downstairs because some bleeding heart had called the police on me. It wasn't even hot outside. That was in Ye Olde City, which is not to different from the town I am in.

Here, a few days ago, I was enchanted to be outside with my dog, and no one else outside. Beautiful weather. No cars driving by on the hwy. A rare gem of a moment. So, I am walking a little on the yard w/ my dog, and I swing my spray bottle to bop him a little on the butt, for fun. And, of course, suddenly a car is driving by and a woman is yelling out the open window, "Don't you beat that dog!" Can you believe it. It's really like some lost, perverted, parallel universe here.

So... I did call about that dog I saw last night, which looked like a midnight velvet painting. I couldn't find the county, city or Humane Society, so I called the vet I use. I started off, "Where do pets go when they are picked up?" The woman said, "The city ones go to the city building downtown, and the county ones go to the county building." She enquired more, and I told her about the dog. She asked why was I so interested?(!) I said if it doesn't find it's owner, I'd like to have it. Then she said, "We don't release information about dogs until the stray status is lifted after seven days." And in the same breath, she says, "We have the dog, and we know who the owner is." So, after all that, the vet has the dog. And they revealed information even though they don't reveal information. Where are my bongos?...

Which reminds me of when I called F&F today. I asked that my phone order of a few days ago now be creditted on my Rewards card, (as I was told to do then). So, the nice girl did that, and I asked, could she do it for an earlier order I made via computer? She said had to check if the two orders were linked. "I can't, because the orders are not linked. You have to go on line and start a second ONLINE rewards card for that." So, we tussled around a little bit and she then said, "I have creditted both orders to your card," like what she was saying was completely sensible and consistent. I said, something like, "Well, I guess I'll just finalise that online... err... something..." And she was like, "Why?" 'IS EVERYBODY GAY?!'

Out with my dog 45 minutes ago, I saw the handsome gay-looking hipster walking into the house next door. So I walked towards him, hailing him. He wanted to get away, and probably not just because of my dog, but because of of my mis-reputation. But, he turned and talked. I asked him if he knew anything about my recycling bin being scattered all over the neighbourhood. He said he didn't live there, but would tell his friends inside. He said his wife told him she saw a black guy lurking on the porch of the refurbished mansion across the street. I said maybe that was one of the workers. And he got kinda stupid, revealing why his handsome face was stuck in this nowhere town. but, he was very nice, and I am glad we chatted. Btw - this is always how the trouble comes back to bite A-hole Guy. I start getting socially active, which is the thing his jealousy fears the most. Then some kind of confrontation grows between him and other people, until someone moves out. Then new people move in and he starts all over again, warning them of how I am a crazy drunken racist that everyone hates, so never talk to him! Countless times, I see this happen. Over and over. I'm going to sleep, goodnight.

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