I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

"He's just got a persecution complex!"

So, because of the effect it had on my CFS, the incident at 3:30am, followed by talking to police who wouldn't listen, left me with no sleep and ample nerves.  Not fear.  It's a complete bypass of higher-brain filters, straight to the limbic system, creating a need to kill.  Which is why I try to mind my own business.  Despite this, people come out of nowhere to mess with me, more-so with the current crisis, and more-so because I am a vulnerable member of society.  Theirs is a ruthless, animal obsession to deny by blaming.  All the time I represented something hated to A-hole Guy - because I was white, male, independent of mind, with a dog, social-distancing, being good, and living off of welfare like a bumm - Now everyone is social-distancing because of illness, living off welfare like bumms - and this apparently rankles him to no end.  This is one confused bullshit bully.

Not really sure I will be much good on LJ today.  I spent yesterday choosing to repair my brain issue  by resting, 'meditating', etc., and then ONCE AGAIN this stupid neighbourhood steps in to fuck it all up for me.  Whether it was the Nethers, A-hole Guy, the old jackass downstairs, or the constant stream of new tenants around here, whom A-hole guys always preps against me, there is this driving need of local society to attack me.  I am fucking sick of it.

I spent time looking for a fake security camera I guess I never retained, and trying to fix a cheap security thing from China and then, from about 11:am until 1:pm, I tried to log into Paypal - impossible.  Called them up - no help until after the lockdown.  So, I guess I won't be putting part of my stimulus check into Paypal to spend, as I had planned.  What stimulus check?  I haven't received any stimulus check.

Considering writing a little post about how some people are starting to attack others, during this crisis, from my own perspective, for anti_viral.  But, that would be it.  Maybe just try to sleep.  Wait for the next assault.  Now that A-hole Guy isn't employed, he is staying up late hours to wage his war.  Some war.  Completely unilateral.  And absurd.

Sirens outside.  You would think the police would listen to someone reporting something that has been going on for 7 years, instead of munching on a sandwich and hanging up.  And lying, thus: "Well, I was just out in that area and other bins had been messed with...  I don't know if it was an animal, or what..."  (Sorry, raccoon aren't tall enough to lift the lid of a 3.5' bin, reach inside, and throw completely clean items all over the yard.  And yes it was an animal - a human animal).  I said, "Oh, when did you see all this?  Before you had checked my property or after?"  He: "....after...!"  I said, "Ah, so maybe this isn't A-hole Guy..."  He: "yeah!  So it would be wrong for me to go over and accuse him of things..."

"Or, it could still be him, covering up, because that's what he's like..."

And the policeman had lied to me about hanging up on me, lied to me that he had gone back and seen more bins messed with (because I looked and there were no others), and lied about something else I can't remember.  The point is, the POLICEMAN was covering up - acting just like everyone else around here, including my LL!  The lies that I saw come out of Nether Girl's, and Crazy Bald Guy's, mouths were also surreal - so completely and obviously fatuous.  They wage these passive aggressive wars and then lie about it, and point to me as being crazy, and the police and the landlords are just fine with that.

"He's just got a persecution complex!"  I broke my foot because of the war the Crazy Bald Guy downstairs was waging against me.  When I called out Nether Guy, he punched me in the neck.  There has been rocks thrown at my windows, pellet guns shooting at my windows, yelling in my face, vandalism, gunshots and cherry bomms.  For 7 years.  In ye Olde City, someone felt divined by some god to slash the tires of my car, which I consequently lost.  Someone burnt down my garage.  And for all I know, it was my older brother.  So, right, just a crazy persecution complex.  Like those Jews headed for the ovens.  Like those poor people in Africa.  Like the left.  Like the right.  Like the gays in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina.  Just crazy.  Not to worry.  Just mess with them and laugh about it in your little tribe.  They are asking to be fucked with.


Speaking of which...  When I was out with my dog, at 3:30am, seeing all the recyclables scattered about, the other thing that happened was this.  A dark silver and white Husky stood staring at us as we approached.  Silent like a wolf.  I absolutely would have brought my dog up to meet him/her, but not with the virus going around.  So I scuttled my dog back inside, and went back out alone to approach the dog,  The dog did not want to get involved, and was following its own agenda.  I think I might call the dog pound and ask them to tell me if they find it/him/her.  It might belong to some one a bout 5 blocks away.  if not, I'd love to take this dog in, whether or not my landlord won't permit it.  I am pretty tired of that parasite, and am itching to get back to the wild.
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