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Well, I hope you are weathering the storm.  This is nothing new for me.  To think, all this fuss over a simple illness.

So, I did call the police over neighbourhood issues this morning.  I tell, you've got one messed up city here.

Recall all the nonsense from '[A-hole Guy]' two houses down, which apparently began when way back when [Nether Guy] was living here.  Junk on my porch.  Yelling at me for being on public property.  Walking through the yard.  Etc., etc.

Monday: After I chided my dog for licking dog urine deposited by a neighbour's dog on the yard, half a bratwurst sandwich was left at that same spot.  Tuesday: A quarter is left by the bushes where I work w/ dog poop. Every time he walks through the yard he pulls a branch off the bushes and leaves it to declare he was there.

3:30 am tonight: I take my dog out to find my recyclables scattered all over my yard, with the bin lid left open.  I called police, and told him the history of this cowardly passive-aggressive behaviour.  Policeman says little and hangs up.  I call back, and he says he doesn't know what happened.  Tells me he had been through the area and other bins had been messed with.  I went outside, puit my stuff in the bin, went to see if other bins had been messed with, and they and not - policeman had lied.  Is it any wonder this crap continues?  As soon as I moved here, people have been trying to make me move out.  And it looks to me that this has happened to folks before me.  So, this is a problem for you.  When I move out, this stuff is just going to keep happening.  And you will have to keep interviewing for new tenants.

As I was down the street, checking, I saw that a bunch of my recyclables had been put on top of the car of the guy who lives downstairs.  So I had to carry all that back to my bin.  Look very much to me like more of the work by [A-hole Guy], who lives in the house near that car, and may be playing the game of divide-the-neighbours-against-each-other, which I have seen in [Ye Olde City].   It's a real thing.  Perpetrated by people who have no lives.

So, it would make sense to me that you would consider putting up security cameras so we can put an end to this intimidation.  No Trespassing signs can help not just in warning people, but in prosecuting trespassers.

I will forgo a rant about the dysfunction of this town.  I am already dysfunctionalised by an illness, so it's just great that other people go out of their way to heap more dysfunction at me, no matter how decently I mind my own business.

Take care,


Note: Person also chipped a little piece off a porch-step.  (And so on).

Note: Before this latest intensification of the harrassment, I noticed that A-hole Guy was getting really antsy, obviously because of the lockdown. He would ride around on his motorcycle, etc. It was like he was losing grip of his whole realm of control, which was all about being outside, and acting tough with friends, and acting like a threat to me. He began workign on 'gardening' - placing mulch around trees, bushes, etc., even those on public property - (recall that CGGOTC (crazy gay guy on corner in ye olde city) acted the same way - as if he was blessed with the responsibility of owning the whole neighbourhood. A-hle Guy sends a guy out and illegally mows OUR lawn. Anyway, it occurred to me that A-hole Guy was going batty during the coronacrisis. So, it is not surprising that he is intensifying his cowardly war with me now, for lack of anythign to do, for lack of the feelign of controlling everyone. I once was a threat to him because I minded my own buisiness, kept inside because of illness, was real about life. Now, along comes this virus, forcing everyone inside, minding their own business, getting real about life, and it is almost as if he feels that I am somehow gettign revenge on him symbolically through this virus. That's how crazy psychopaths are. Animals, at heart. Superstitious, scared and angry. Also: I forgot to mention both to police and to LL, this: As I was out at 3:30am, surveying the mess, guess what? A car pulls out of A-hole Guy's driveway. And pulls around the corner, driving off. I don't know what car he drives, but it sure looked like him inside that car. And what does anyone have to do, driving somewhere at 3:30am? It was himj. Because, so many times in the past, he would see me do somethign, and he would either whistyl our his wondow, or show up shoutignh - or get in his car or cycle and drive away, loudly, to intimidate me. So. It was him.
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