I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Face the Face

I've been loading add-ons onto my browser.  This should help, but I have yet to test it.  One add-on you should all know about is "Dark Reader".  Finally, something that inverts the visual on your screen so type is light and the background is dark!  What a relief to my CFS eyes and brain!  Just because for hundreds of years we read dark type on white paper - because ink is expensive - doesn't mean we are supposed to stare for hours at white screen shining brightly into our faces.  And we didn't evolve to have cellphones next to our heads.  Or Chinese 5G transmitting voices into our bones.

So, I might try to reply to a few comments, but mainly I want to watch a movie, and feel happy that two shipments are on the way.  Hoping to make an order for supplements, and related, tomorrow.  Thinking about doing a week-long fast.  In a few days.  Only issue would be the GF bread, which I would freeze enclosed in ice.  I doub't that GF bread would do well that way, but whatever.  I have two giant packs of corn tortillas that have been in my fridge for at least half a year.

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