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I am the person who will destroy China.

The Ununderstood

I had a few dreams.  One had George Harrison in it..  He had been adopted by an American family.  So I guess he had come back to life.  And there was something about his offspring.

Then there was a dream about being out in the woods, which were full of wild hogs.  Big ones.  People had to jump 15 feet into the trees to get away from them.  At other times, they seemed to just want to run about on their own, not harming anyone.

However, one Winnie-the-Pooh-type person or bear jumped out of the way of a wild hog and became lodged in a large crevice in the bark of a tree-trunk.  Somehow, he managed to catch fire.  There was a voice-obver, telling of the event.  Including the voice of the Pooh on fire - so I knew he would survive.

But how could that be possible?  He was so engulfed that his charcoal body was merging with the tree.  it was awful.  But then his body fell out of the tree, and lay on the ground.  You could see most of his fur and skin had been burnt away.  But he had not felt pain, because he had been unconscious all the time.  And apparently, he would improve over time.  Just, how?!

I don't know why I had this dream.  At around 2:am, I went to my LJ, and saw a post by an LJ friend.  It was the 25th anniversary of her mother being lost in a fire.  She, herself, had been burnt on 85% of her body.  So, there another one of my dreams.  Pretty sad.  I remember the story of a little boy who kept saying that he was a woman in a former life.  He said he was a woman who wished she was a man, and she had died in a fire.  She died, jumping out a window. So, now she was a little boy, in a way.  These sorts of things happen.

The parents checked new records and found the story.
Tags: cosmic serendipity, fires, my dreams, my lj friends, psychic - dreams, reincarnation

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