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Enlightenment: If not now, when?

I liked this interview with renowned cognitive-linguist, Steven Pinker.  He is comparable to Chomsky, but less radical.  I believe he has good things to say, and I also take issue with other things.  He can overgeneralise about how great a liberal future can be, and he edges towards partisanship.  However, he remain independent in the fact that he criticises academia sufficiently.  And I think the reason for this is probably that he may have been burnt once or twice in his own professional academic career.  You will find many other good episodes of "River-to-River", produced by Iowa Public Radio - almost all of them having to do with the corona-crisis, as of late.

This program originally aired on March 8, 2018.

The pandemic, environmental degradation, ever more divisive politics... Sometimes it seems like the world is falling apart. But is it really?

In his latest book, "Enlightenment Now," author Steven Pinker, one of the foremost writers on language, the mind, and human nature - urges everyone to step back from the headlines full of doom.

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