I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


A few days ago, I was feeling OK, and I washed dishes while jiving to the oldies on the radio, swaying my hips around, and it was like, "The Big Chill."

Today, I am here to discuss the song, "The Big Hurt." It is a 1959 song by Toni Fisher, written by her husband, Wayne Shanklyn. I have probably mentioned it before. Every time I hear this song, which is rarely, I am amazed at how sophisticated it is, with its creepy, foreboding chords and changes. It was one of the first songs to incorporate the flanging, phasing, or phase-changing, technique - that 'airplane' sound you get when you swing your microphone around. I recommend you see the Wikipedia page.

"The Big Hurt," can be thought of as describing these modern times of toil and trouble. Therefore, I add it to my collection of music for the end of the world!

(or try) (or try - Karaoke??)
Tags: music - 'the big hurt', music - fisher toni, music - shanklin wayne, s- music for end of the world (series)

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