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Did you hear a Who?!

I mentioned that Krakatoa erupted again.  This is what happened back in 1883.  If you think about it, that sound had effects - on whales in the ocean, on the weather, on psychology...  A subtle but massive Butterfly Effect.  At what point did the influence of that sound-wave end??  1884?  1984?  Is it still being felt, (so to speak)?  How deeply did it - does it - reach?  Into trees?  Into rocks?  Molecules?  Subatomic particles?  Ah, the last one.  The buck stops there.  All the influences in our temporal world stop at the threshold of uncertainty.  Principally speaking.  Our chaos ends where subatomic chaos begins.

The Sound So Loud That It Circled the Earth Four Times...

It was heard in over 50 different locations around the globe.

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GEO Earth:

How Earth turned into a 'snowball' 717 million years ago | Daily Mail Online

Zealandia: Study confirms Earth has hidden continent — RT Viral

A new 'Out of Africa' theory explains why Earth's magnetic poles may soon SWITCH | Ancient Code

New candidate for 'missing element' in Earth's core - BBC News

Oxygen has been disappearing from the Earth’s atmosphere for 800,000 years and it’s getting worse, leaving experts baffled | Daily Mail Online

Researchers discover an unknown oxygen source deep below the surface of our planet | Ancient Code

Earth’s mantle is cooling faster than expected | Science News

Earth's water may have originally been formed deep within its mantle, study shows

New evidence for 'oceans' of water deep in Earth: Water bound in mantle rock alters view of Earth's composition -- ScienceDaily

Methane clathrate - Wikipedia

~ water flowing underground ~ - (lyrics)

Climate change and methane hydrates « World Ocean Review

UW-Madison geoscientist offers free geologic exploration app

And go here, perhaps to join: brds_and_fishes
"Boil that dust-speck!"
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