I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


This is a note to the person who added me yesterday.  I invited you to a community.  I even sent you readers.  If I wanted to add you personally, I would have done so, with a note to you.  I am sorry I cannot add you back.  Your posts are too long, and I cannot view your videos with my computer/internet.  In fact, I recently removed a friend just so I could get your posts off of my friends-of-friends page.  So, adding you back is just not going to happen.

When someone invites you to a community, the thing to do is to accept or decline, not to ignore it and add the owner, especially without including a note(!)  It not only makes no sense, it is arrogant and annoying.  Have grace enough to be thankful you were invited to a community that has relevance and importance in people's lives.  I assumed from your COVID-19 posts that you respected the topic and its meaning, rather than posting to post.  However:

I recall you doing the same thing several years ago.  It may have a decade ago, I have no idea.  What followed was a lot of bullshit.  It boggles my mind that after all this time you still flout basic LJ norms, and go and do the same thing again.  It reminds me of idiots I run into on the street, with problems going on their heads, pushing themselves into for no rational reason.  Having a stress-reactive illness, I have removed all toxic people from my personal life, and this stands as well in my personal journal and my communities.  I don't know what you are about, and I have no interest in knowing, and I am sorry, so please mind your business.
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