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It's ImPOSTible!

Got to the end of doing these surveys and figured I'd try to post before going to bed, and then my ISB made it impossible to post to LJ.  Wheels kept turning for an hour.  An hour.  Did other things.  Gave up.  Woke up again, gave it another try, almost gave up, and, so, eh...  If you want oodles of memes and quizzles to do, then you will find them here and via the tag!  Merry Bearthday!

1. 🎈 Are you an Essential Worker?
Currently economically expendible.

2. 🎈 How many drinks have you had since the quarantine started?
A few bottles of wine, and Sherry I really regretted.

3. 🎈 If you have kids... Are they driving you nuts?
My dog is usually fine. Kids next-door not yet a significant pestulance.

4. 🎈 What new hobby have you taken up during this?
Same as usual. LJ. Cooking. Health. Reseacrh. Music. Where it will go.

5. 🎈 How many grocery runs have you done?

6. 🎈 What are you spending your stimulus check on?
Paying down credit card and imaginary sex-workers.

7. 🎈 Do you have any special occasions that you will miss during this quarantine?
Moving tfoh. Trekking. Movies. Library. Pizza and salads.

8. 🎈 Are you keeping your housework done?
No because this is the best time to let it go.

9. 🎈 What movie have you watched during this quarantine?
"Our Idiot Broher" - about how females tend to fuck up their brothers and then everything turns out right when brother leaves.

10. 🎈 What are you streaming with?
I steam brocolli.. What is this 'streaming'? Like, for fish?

11. 🎈9 months from now is there any chance of you having a baby?

12. 🎈 What's your go-to quarantine meal?
Rice squares.

13. 🎈 Is this whole situation making you paranoid?
No. Wait... Why did you say that?!

14. 🎈Has your internet gone out on you during this time?
It has been reeeely, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhgh!

15 🎈What month do you predict this all ends?
It will never end until we evolve into mole-rats.

16. 🎈First thing you’re gonna do when you get off quarantine?
Go dumpster-diving, woohoo!

17. 🎈Where do you wish you were right now?
I know an island in a lake in an island in a lake in North Ontarioo...

18. 🎈What free-from-quarantine activity are you missing the most?
Being able to cough on people I dislike again.

19. 🎈Have you run out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer?
Not at all. I have lots of rubbing alcohol and other stuff. If it gets really bad I can eat my dog.

20. 🎈 Do you have enough food to last a month?
More than that. But I really prefer greens, and all taht.- via queenofcans

1. Do you like blue cheese? yes
2. Coke or Pepsi? Neither. I prefer having my liver drained by Tripods.
3. Do you own a gun? Maybe.
4. Whisky, Tequila, vodka? Cannot tolerate does not compute.
5. Hot dogs or cheeseburger? A rare turkey-dog.
6. What do you drink in the morning? Large mug of decaff coffee/(mocha).
7. Can you do 100 push ups? Not during CFS, and I shouldn't, either. But I need the exercise so i can beat the crap out of that idiot outside on his loud motorcycle.
8. Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn. Autumn.
9. Favourite hobby? Competing in national beauty contests.
10. Tattoos? Never. They are marks of slavery.
11. Do you wear glasses? Yes.
12. Phobias? Fear of heights.
13. Nicknames? NOYB
14. Three drinks you drink? Femented tea, fermented milk, fermented chocolate, fermented V8, fermented grape juice.
15. Do you believe in ghosts? Not the normal concept.
16. Biggest downfall? Infinitely deep and intense.
17. Rain or snow? Volcanic ash - let's just get it over with.
18. Piercings? Only my heart.
19. Age? NOYB.
20. French fries or onion rings? Garbonzo beans.
21. Will 6 friends do this? Do what?
22: Kids? I like them buy adults jealousy keep them away from me.
23. Favourite colour? Violet.
24. Favourite crisp flavour? Vinegar and sea-salt.
25. Can you whistle? Yesh.
26. Do you have brothers or sisters? Thousands as I am a clone. They all work for the government. And are watching you right now.
27. Ever had surgeries? Not really.
28. Religion? No. Method acting.
29. Shower or bath? Bath.
30. Like gambling? Don't need it, and feel it is unclassy and a scam.
31. Are you a good friend? Theoretically.
32. Broken bones? Skull. Elbows. Heal.
33. How many TVs in your house? NONE.
34. Worst pain ever? CFS.
35. Do you like to dance? I am a dancing monster.
36. Are your parents still alive? No.
37. Do you like camping? Yes.
38. Are you weird? That's the rumour.- via chocolate_frapp

1. What’s the weather outside your window doing right now? If that’s not inspiring, what’s the weather like somewhere you wish you could be?

- Darkening, fairly cool, and threatening wetness. Strong winds again - tomorrow. And then snow! I'd prefer to be on lush islands white sandy beach, temps about 80F, one or two clouds, a cocktail and a waitress, and the smell of death wafting in some other direction.
- But I do like rainy days? Why? Because, being stuck in bed w/ CFS, I feel less pressure, and know that normal peolpe are slacking off - as if this gives me a better chance of catching up - and its more like others are on my plain or mood. So, you can imagine, I don't mind some aspects of this whole coronavirus thing.

2. What’s for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

- I really ate scantilly today. Which is good because I am noticing very slight flu symptoms. Let's see... Walnuts, sunflower seeds, I remember an avocado - which was mostly bad so that was thrown out, oh - a can of garbonzo beans, and I really cannot remember more. Headed for a tiny bit of salmon and kale before I go to sleep.

3. What are things you can’t go without?

- The basics, internet, dog, music, some nature!, thoughts via radio or reading or internet, thinking. And lots of sleep, rest, the right food, and supplements.

4. How did your parents choose your name?

- I am named after an Irish saint. One I like. And I really like my name.

5. If you could travel back in time, where and when would you go?

- Wow! Transcendental America, then skip over to Jane Austin's England. I also like frontier times of Australia, etc.- via spacefem

Did you ever build furniture forts as a child?
Yes. Boxes. Sheets. All that.

What kind of dog is your favorite?
I appreciate the northern types - husky, malamute, akita. Also like intelligent big dogs. Long hair. That hungry look.

Is there anything on television worth watching at the moment?

Have you ever had an online meet-up?
Several times.

What is bothering you as of now?
My dog is telling me it is time to go outside.

Do you prefer water or land?
Landy water, with an olive.

Do you tend to make a lot of messes?
I leave things be, lol.

Are the majority of your friends male or female?

Have you ever considered dropping acid?
Who hasn't?

Would you consider yourself to be mature?
Yes. I know that silliness is the ultimate goal of existence.

Describe your music style:
I am simply all over the place.

How does your hair currently look?
Darker auburn down to my knockers.

Are you close to any of your aunts/uncles?
Not anymore.

If you have a car, what color is it?
Invisible paint.

Have you ever had a seizure?

When was the last time you were in a hospital?
2016, I am told. Wait, maybe 2018 at the clinic.

Do you go on vacations a lot?
I am on a endless water-torture vaction from hell.

Are you self-conscious around other people?
Absolutely. In a good way. For their benefit. Not nervous about myself or anything like that. Conscientious. Self-motivated and actualised.

At your workplace, are you required to wear a uniform?
Do mean the whore-house?

What is your favorite pair of shoes?
I now have me some nice shoes. I like strong leather. Baby.

What was the last piece of candy you ate?
Many months ago - chocolate fudge energy bar.

Is sarcasm like a second language to you?
I generally disdain hurtful sarcasm, but when I need it, I am the expert.

Have you ever witnessed a physical fight in real life?
Yes. I was in one.

What do you think of people who get drunk every weekend?
Why don't they invite me over?

What was your GPA in high school?

Do you require a lot of private time?

Do you use a lot of hair products?
Some fairly good shampoo, conditioner, and that's it.

What is the most amount of money you’ve spent at one time?
College. Then $3000 for a car.

What is the best pizza place out there?
So many. There's a Chicago-style place in ye olde city, nice deep-dish. Another place here - good gluten-free. I work wonders when I get my hands on a Papa-Murphy's!

Have you ever attempted to make anything crafty?
I am pretty crafty. xmas, birthday cards, many others things that just happen.

Do you use any medicines daily?
Synthroid. I am off everything else since I haven't seen a doc. Aleve. Benedryl. Etc.

Do you know how to play any odd instruments most people can’t play?
Odd? Pennywhistle? Harmonica?

Have you played on any sports teams in your lifetime?
HS bowling.

What is your least favorite holiday?
Beat-Yourself-to-Death Day.

Do you curse a lot?
Eh, not really, but I am fine with it.

Does it bother you when people copy your actions?
Usually, because they not only don't give credit, but they think they are me.

When was the last time you used a disposable camera?
I still have the one the car insurance company gave me.

How many US states have you visited in your lifetime?
The majority.

What is your favorite book series, if you have one?
Sherlock Holmes.

Are there any movies coming out soon that you’re excited to see?
Dark Water.

Do you have any celebrity autographs?
Presidents, candidates, governours, etc.

If you could be a Disney character for a day, who would you be?
The Little Mermaid. Because I wouldn't have to spend on a wardrobe.

What is your favorite color of clothing to wear?
I do earthy. I do flashy.

What color are your eyes?

Have you ever been punched in the face before?

Which Do You Prefer?

hamburgers / hot dogs / no meat products - OCCASIONAL TURKEY DOG

summer break / spring break / Christmas break - EVERYTHING BREAK

analog clock / digital clock / sundial - all

Stanley Cup playoffs / Super Bowl weekend / Daytona 500 - none

April / August / December

phone calls / text messages / IMs

green peppers / red peppers / jalapeño peppers - RED BELL PEPPERS

vegetable garden / flower garden / Zen garden

bearded boys / pale-skinned boys / bald boys - BALD PALE-SKINNED BEARDED GIRLS

Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter

book reports / character profiles / art projects

Seventeen / Cosmo Girl / Girl’s Life - OMG I CAN'T CHOOSE!

Sony / Nintendo / Who cares?

action / comedy / romance

compact car / sports car / pick-up truck

thin crust / thick crust / stuffed crust

apples / oranges / bananas

Motley Crue / Guns N Roses / Bon Jovi

biographies / romance novels / comic books - HISTORY OR SCIENCE

music awards / TV awards / movie awards

Sloth / Pride / Lust - LUSTFUL SLOTH

your legs / your fingers / your eyes - PFFFT!

The Simpsons / Family Guy / King Of The Hill

white chocolate / dark chocolate / milk chocolate

armchair / loveseat / corner couch

The Joker / The Riddler / Two-Face

mashed potatoes / baked potatoes / french fries

pink & green / black & red / brown & blue - PINK ON AZURE BLUE

Eeyore / Tigger / Piglet

hard candies / chewy candies / sugar-covered candies - NOT

red / purple / pink - ALL TOGETHER

violin / saxophone / piano

clever lyrics / catchy guitar riffs / great drum beat

Blink 182 / +44 / Angels and Airwaves

crosswords / word searches / Sudoku - CROSS WORDS AS LONG AS THEY'RE NOT AT ME

pencil crayons / Sharpies / watercolour markers

French / Italian / Spanish

cartoons / soap operas / game shows

Revolver / Blender / Kerrang! - BENDER

Saturday / Wednesday / Monday

1. Are you staying home from work/school?

2. If you’re staying home, who’s there with you?
Voices and a dog.

3. Do you have pets to keep you company?
He's more than a pet.

4. Who do you miss the most?

5. When was the last time you left your home?
I go out 3x/day w/ dog.

6. What was the last thing you bought?

7. Is quarantine driving you insane or are you finally relaxed?
This is old hat.

8. Are you a homebody?
Not by choice.

9. What movies have you watched recently? What shows are you watching?
Just from my DVDs.

10. An event that you were looking forward to that got cancelled?
The beheadings. I was really looking forward to the beheadings.

11. What’s the best and worst thing you’ve had to cancel?
Best: Doctor. Worst: Installation of WiFi.

12. Do you have any new hobbies?
New? Cashews?

13. What are you out of?
Absolutely nothing.

14. What music are you listening to?
Cover of a Joe Cocker song on, "Live From Here".

15. What are you reading?
The Chicago CFS newsletter - it's very good.

16. What are you doing for self-care?
Every damn thing possible.

17. Are you exercising?
Hardly. My treks. Slight jaunting about w/ dog.

18. How’s your toilet paper supply?
Still doing fine.

19. Have you made any changes to your hair during quarantine?
I combed it because it was knotty.- via davie_the_great

1. Did you marry your high school sweetheart?
No. So she picked an Irish guy with a similar name.

2. Type of car.
Borrowed / bus.

3. What kind of job?
School janitor type; theatre / concessions; made sandwiches at some point; sold tickets to wrestling matches.

4. Where did you live?
In a box.

5. Were you popular?

6. Were you in choir/band?
Theatre; school newspaper, etc.

7. Ever get suspended?

8. If you could, would you go back?
Only knowing what I know, fuck yeah.

9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with?
No, which is probably normal.

10. Did you skip school?

11. Go to all the football games?
Pretty much.

12. Favorite subject?

13. Do you still have your yearbook?
All 4 years.

14. Did you follow the "original" career path?
No. I had no path.

15. Do you still have your senior ring?
No. In my life, there have been people who threw out my stuff. Landlords and assholes.

16. Favorite Teacher?
English x2.

17. What was your style?
Innovative and perky.

18. Favorite Shoes?
Multicoloured leather..

19. Favorite thing for lunch?
I don't remember anything spectacular. I think we ate pagans.

20. Favorite band?
Glenn Miller

21. High school hair?
Regular guy's hair except that one time.

22. How old when you graduated?
101 - via queenofcans

1 When was the last time you absolutely could not hold back your tears and broke down in a place you didn’t want to?


2 What kinds of things are going wrong in your life right now?

Lack of progress. No babe. Tired.

3 What kinds of things are going right in your life right now?

Got the basics.

4 What was the last thing that made you feel sick to think about?

My past.

5 About how many survey-making sites are you subscribed to?


6 Do you only subscribe, only add people as a friend, or do you do both?

It's just there.

7 If you had to try at least one illegal drug in your lifetime, which drug would you choose, and why?

I’ve tried a few different illegal drugs.

8 Who is one very unique celebrity/musician/whatever that you love?


9 What was the last thing to give you a headache?

The computer.

10 Does it bother you when surveys ask you sleep-related questions, such as how many hours of sleep you got the night before or what you last remember dreaming about? Or do you enjoy being asked questions like that?

This question bothers me.

11 Have you/do you ever avoid taking certain surveys because of the way the survey maker formatted the survey?


12 Do you know exactly how long you’ve been on Tumblr?


13 Would you rather be paid 50¢ for every survey you took or $1 for every survey you made, without the option of choosing both?

The latter.

14 Do you have a favorite fast food place?


15 Can you list all the different things you’ve ordered from Tim Hortons?

What's that?

16 Could you handle babysitting two small children at once, such as two children under three years old?

Not now.

17 What is the next expensive thing you plan on buying (say, something over $100)?

A sex robot.

18 Do you know any children who are very advanced for their age?

Don't know children, really.

19 How many Tim Burton movies have you seen? What do you think of his movies/animation style?

A few.

20 What is the most amount of classes you have skipped in one week? What would be your limit (hypothetically speaking, if you are no longer in high school) in one week of school?

HS - Several. College - Several more.

Websites I Visit on a Daily Basis:







Live Journal






Drinks That I Love:

Mountain Dew

Orange Soda

Orange Juice

Grape Juice/White Grape Juice

Crystal Lite


Chocolate Milk


Ice Cold Water









Things I Like To Do During Summertime:


Amusement Parks




Fourth of July

Wearing Flip Flops


Eating Watermelon








Words/Phrases I Say a Lot:









Oh my gosh



Classes That I’ve Taken:

American Sign Language


Early Childhood



Intro to Human Services



Children’s Literature



Things I Like To Do






Making plans with friends

Being lazy



Snuggling with my cat - DOG STUFF












- via davie_the_great
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