"a killing field for hypotheses" (madman101) wrote,
"a killing field for hypotheses"

It's Snowden Cold

Took dog out as per usual, 3:am.  Still dealing w/ relapse, but might be good enough tomorrow.

Husband of lady on corner put up 'curtain' again, so he is not so visible, sitting watching TV.  They do this every time they get slightly more apprehensive of me, then they come down a day or two later.  So, normally, I have to take dog out, with their whole lives defiantly on display to me.  Well, putting up curtains fully and permanently might just be a way to keep their tiny dogs from obsessing over my dog, yes?  And maybe they would stop barking at us from inside?

But that is apparently not what they want.  They like it this way.  Because, that is the law of living in the innards: Dogs are supposed to be mean.  So, they originally had one big pitt-bull-type dog, of course.  A few times, when that dog saw us, that dog ran towards us, but in a friendly way.  Therefore, that dog is now on a leash.  The two tiny dogs, who charge at us barking, are not on leashes.  If I let them know that this makes me ill, they would only do it more.   (It also bothers my dog).  Now, they are leaving tiny dog doo-doo on the lamp-post where my dog pisses.  A while back, in the night, I espied two raccoons there, feasting on it.  My dog?  His shit is always private.  And cleared every few days.

It is cold and windy - even snowed.  I had a dream of the Swiss RV Knife - the army knife of automobiles.  It was cool.  It was a long car-looking van with every camping amenity.  Someone I knew from Ye Olde City, a black lady, was the driver - for work.  But we traded, because I also had one.  Stupid.  Also, a day earlier, I had a dream that included that lanky English, sometimes-comic, actor, Bill Nighy.  Well, I just grabbed, "Hitchikers Guide.." to watch yesterday, randomly, and there he was, in that movie.  Dreams do predict.

I need to stop looking at this screen so I can sleep, but I should do comments, etc., tomorrow.
Tags: animals - dogs, movies - 'hitchhikers guide to the galax, my dreams / my visions, my neighbours, nighy - bill

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