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Posted on 2020.04.09 at 18:40
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Been through CFS hell today.  While on my back, I called my ISP again, and got a few things cleared up.  Then I fed happy dog, and ate a basic sandwich.

Computer no-worky, so disconnected modem, etc.  Working now, but still looks slow.  Watched, "Hitchhiker's Guide," w/ Kombucha and treats.  It was a party.

Took dog back out and now I am down for another night.  Here's how I make Kombucha. I.e, this is my recipe to myself. It has nothing to do with other human beings real or imagined. If you like what you see well I guess that is just something you will have to deal with. I am not a doctor but not many are available at the moment, so.

I use what looks to about about-three-quarts pot, warm water.  Add (4) used teabags from last time, (no strings), and (4) new teabags this time, (still have strings).  (I used decaf green tea, but decaf black can be included).  I bring near boil, and smush these into side w/ fork.  I remove before or after boil.  Must boil.  Cool.

Pour into big pickle jar.  Add about a cup or less of sugar.  Add Kombucha "mushroom" left over from previous times.  Cover jar with microfiber cloth, (breaths but deters microbes from entering - like a surgical mask), using rubber band.  Place jar in the dark.  Lukewarm temps.  Leave for a week or less.

I add 64 ounce bottle of 100% cranberry juice.  Cover again.  Leave for less than a week.  Pour all into gallon jug plus an extra 'use-now' bottle.  You can add a little preferably-active apple cider vinegar for intensity and more malic acid.  And you can add powdered ginger.  When I made my 'wassail" batch, I would boil the ginger with the tea.  But doing so with Kombucha will stunt the growth of the culture.

Now.  The use-nor bottle should be half-full.  Add water, and it's there for you to use.  When you pour yourself a drink, you should add even more water to your cup, up to 1/2 of the cup.  This means you can make a total of about 4.5 gallons from one batch!

You can buy Kombucha culture ("mushroom") online, or you can ask me to mail you some, or you can make your own.  I made my own by buying Kombucha drink at the store.  I let it sit.  It was a little freaky, because the culture begins as tiny wispy strings of bacteria hanging from the surface.  These eventually form a little mat.  That is the beginning.  The starter.

Anyone making Kombucha must keep things sterile.  I heat the fork I use to grasp the mushroom.  I have been using the same pickle jar w/o washing, lately, by letting it sit in the hot sun for a day or two, and covering with the same cloth used during fermentation.

I like mine tart, and I water it down.  More sugar can be had by lowering the number of days of fermentation.  In that case, there will be a slight amount of non-toxic alcohol as well.

Kombucha is said to address ailments from arthritis to cataracts, like its cousin, apple cider vinegar.  I don't hope for anything like that, but I try to maximise health by including many fermented foods.  The only dangers from this are the remote possibility of corrupting bacteria, or a slight amount of the bad-wine chemical, acetaldehyde, etc.

As usual, always talk to your doctor or bartender before you do anything crazy. Then, post about it.


rachemacle at 2020-04-10 03:07 (UTC) (Lien)
I've heard it's good for you but I think it tastes weird! Glad to hear you're making it though :)
I was thinking of doing sour dough. I love those live culture things. I've made yogurt before as well!

I am the person who will destroy China.
madman101 at 2020-04-10 17:10 (UTC) (Lien)
I haven't made yogurt in a while, but it's pretty fun(!) Except when it goes wrong. I make a thing called 'magic milk' which I will relay to you but it is copyrighted by me, yeah...

I love sourdough. Good idea. You know you can get the yeast magically out of the air, of course. I can't eat wheat sourdough, ever since I found gluten is agitates my CFS. I loved living off of french bread and oranges for while though. Just grab a handful and munch..

Maybe you tried some bad Kombucha. Maybe one day you will find a Kombucha you like. I love sour. Watering it down so it is like diluted fruity vinegar, cold, pretty refreshing.
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