I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


I had enough sleep, but awoke around 6:30am with a woozy brain - a little disequilibrium + dementia + brain fog/flash.  I attribute this to recovery from Trek + Aleve + too much fast-carbs (rice squares and 1/3 banana) + the weather + cashews.  Not coronavirus.

Dog insisted on going out early, so it was arduous.  While out, woman on corner once again was out w/ her dogs - not on leashes.  Again, the two tiny one ran barking and me and said dog.  Third of fourth time in a row.  I honestly don't want to complain right now because I don't want to be around people, I wonder why.  Reports are that teens/kids are congregating in parks here, in large numbers.  This was reported via a radio station in another state.  Without that, there probably have been nothing said about it.  So, we are urged to call police.  Well, I think the police should be called on the entire city.  The whole town should be arrested.  A giant wall should be built around it, and it be declared a bad manners penitentiary.

I am trying to shop online, but computer/net is again as slow as amber, despite having done a few things to correct that.  And it really draws away my energy and tries to give me migraines.  I would totally love all this hunkering down, if not ill, and if getting things done.  I would just love to sleep until I am so rested I am 8 years old again.  But I must, must shop.  I am presently trying to buy supplements.  Do you know that the blue light from your LED screens is aging your skin?  So, I am probably correct, it is also causing cataracts, which will be shown to be increasing soon.  But, of course, no body listens or plans ahead, right?

I just want to return to my dream of living like a cave woman.  Here's someone who basically does that.  It's ironic.  The English consolidated this land, and then monopolised it via it's USA proxy, (i.e., the banks of 1812), running the 'njuns off all the good land...  And now, here is this English woman living like a native savage, teaching others the value of surviving on dirt and moon-beams. Making a decent living. And I am being paid to live in the crown glory of western civilisation, the armpit of an armpit. Where kids run around like pack animals.

My heart hurts.


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