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So Little Time

Well - I've been out mowing my park. Etc. Yes, I have a park - two large city lots. I also created a non-profit organisation to control the park. Didn't get a lot of support last year, so I've been totally slacking off on it this year.

Well - seems we didn't file an annual report - or we did and they think we didn't - although another part of the state gov't says we did, but we need to file a change of registered agent - which I believe we did - and so forth. Anyway, if all we have to do is file a change of agent, then I won't have to pay $115 out of my own pocket for a late (annual report) filing fee. Everthing that goes into the park has been coming out of my own pocket!

Well - they threatenned to disolve my org. because of this - but I lost the note saying this. So I emailed them today asking waht's up, and get a letter from "Lisa Madigan" this very day saying, "Your group is hereby disolved". My worst nighttmare! Although I guess I don't care anymore. Then I read further and saw that we have until Oct. 17 to clear this up. SO, all my concerns about this have been answered. It's been the only outstanding thing that's been bugging me, basically.
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