I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Ringing ...

I talked to the vet on the phone. My dog's ear does not have a tumour. He broke a blood vessel when shaking his head, and blood accumulated, causing ;cauliflower ear,' a common thing. It will clear up eventually, after he stops shaking his head. What a relief.

Although I treated his ear for the mites, and started doing that again yesterday, he has an ear infection. So, we have to eliminate that. I will be walking to the vet tomorrow to pick up some antibiotic cream, which they will leave for me in the parking lot. Normally, I would take advantage of my time out to buy a bottle of wine. But it's not worth the risk, and I don't feel like it anyway.

Once the infection clears up = head stops shaking = swelling goes down. Good, because all this love I shower on him makes him act dopey and annoying. Back to normal.

PS - My computer/net jumped back into being impossible today, all at once. I got kicked off the internet - and at the same time, I got logged out of LJ. Then, absolute slowness. Sitting for hours waiting for a page to load. It looks suspiciously like someone is fucking with me.

Then I go from this hell-in-amber torture to call my ISP, and, because of the corona crisis, I sit waiting on the phone forever, and eventually give up.

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