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Bob Dylan / Morning Mess

You've probably heard that Bob Dylan wrote a new song - a long song - 17 minutes - on the assassination of JFK.  My guess is that he got tired of the truth not coming to light, and he also thinks of himself as a voice or prophet of that era, that eh figured he'd try to force it out by writing a song.  It's supposed to be very good.  You can listen to it in a half hour or so by listening to Big Radio... http://www.bigradio.fm/   ...  LISTEN LIVE WBGR 93.7 or  https://tunein.com/radio/WBGR-FM-937-s28510/   Some time after 8:30am, Central time.  Since Dillan mumbles, you can find the lyrics online and sing along...

every weekday, they start with an ag show at 5:am.  that is followed by, "The Morning Mess."  The owner, who is a good-natured lawyer, chats along with a sourpuss sports guy, and a smart little virgin guy who sounds like Radar on "MASH".  Someone called in from Sacramento, saying they tune in every morning.  So, I thought I'd pass it along to you, as well.  It can be pretty enjoyable.  Totally local, Wisconsin/Illinois, aired on 10 stations.  So, check it out for a while.  It's fun, dumb, and Wisconsiny.
Tags: music - dylan bob, presidents - kennedy jfk john (& see ken, radio - morning radio, states - wisconsin

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