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I am the person who will destroy China.

On the way to eliminating smallpox...

The elimination of smallpox throughout the world, especially in India and Africa, involved a massive, concerted, synchronised effort to reach people in the poorest and most remote parts of the world.  This great humanit5arian feat happened at the same time there was strife and wars occurring, including the dangerous Cold War.  All countries cooperated in the success -  of eliciting a disease that has plagued the human race for many thousands of years.  It really was an astonishing accomplishment.  (I offer this example to the points made to me by maadmike).  It is an example of how we, as a species, do transcend internal squabbles for the betterment of all, sometimes.  I like to think that the current crisis may continue to serve as another such example.

There is more to the following interview than that medical campaign.  This is a very interesting story of a hippie doubter who one day discovered that he accepted the authority of a spiritual leader, who later guided him in his important role of contributing to fighting smallpox.  It is almost as if by cosmic magic.  How did the Guru, with the big feet, know all about the doubting hippie doctor, and all about what his future mission would be?  Was it psychic and spiritual?  Or was it clever insight by a manipulative narcissist??  What do you think?  Click pic to get there...

Or listen directly...

Part of the full show, "Where  Does Hope Come From?"

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