I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Sherlock Holmes was also a conspiracy theorist.

I still have no idea if people on SS/SSI will get checks.

I tried on my shoes from F&F today. They are too big. Whether replacing via mail or via store, that another truthful inconvenience.

I really look askance at doing a store and the P.O. soon, and then two stores a few days later, along w/ transportation. It's just so wrong. I could get along alright with what I've got. But things will be worse a month from now, etc..

Yes, we don't have enough test kits. But people are handling this the wrong way as well, in the backassward fashion. Taking people's temps before allowing admission somewhere is just about pointless. The virus sits around in the body for a week or more, before there is any temp. So, you catch one person w/ a temp? That means you probably let in at least a half dozen people who are carrying the virus. And this whole inflammatory pandemic began with only one person.

So, a LJ friend might have COVID-19, hopefully not. She travelled via airports. The health service in Toronto told her she wasn't sick enough to get tested. That means no one is back-tracking with whom she came into contact. Reactionary is the opposite of progressive. As the virus spreads, people are having a hard time grasping that once a person is coughing or dying, that is the end-cycle of the infection, not the beginning. The virus lurked, and eventually the body noticed it, and eventually the body tried to fight it off. You're going to wait 'til after that already-reactionary process before you take action?!

In the West, especially in the USA, we have lived in a society where we allow everyone to be super-free, and then we ultimate react to mistakes that are made therein, by suing, or sending in police, or whatever. We just assume that this is the way to live. It is so engrained in so many people's skulls that they don't even know they are being reactionary, slow-to-act, conservative, and basically stupid. Because their self-images or ego's are premised on this ability to freely run around and fly around and fumble into problems, because of their great heralded right-to-be-wrong. The right to be callous or ignorant or hurtful or reckless. I'm saying some people, not everyone. But now is not the time to carry on in this privileged, zombified arrogance, for lack of a better word. The more we react, and the less we pro-act, the more we invite government to come down on us all and install even harsher controls.

I think, on the other hand, there have been soooo many Americans, etc., who have dealt with this crisis responsibly. And then they run into these pig-heads or teens-gone-wild, and it's all for naught. It doesn't work if only some people follow the rules. This is a massive tragedy of the commons that must be reversed powerfully. It is a field day for the virus which is an agent 'meant' to reduce the survival of our species. That is how natural selection works. It is awesome to see virtually our entire species basically cooperating in fighting off this parasite. It is amazing, scientifically. But when we react only from fear, we miss the bus on fast effectivity. And then people soon become frustrated that the problem hasn't gone away yet. We need to understand that this could go on a very long time. Or maybe not. But if we don't see this, we will tend to foster dissent and the seeds of social strife. If that ever happens, all bets are off.

I received confirmation that the virus can be airborne, w/o spittle, etc. Based on the latest scientific studies. Just shows how doing a little thinking can put you ahead of the curve. So, a reminder: It's not all about cleaning off surfaces or not touching your face. It is about not being near people, or downwind from them - or maybe even from animals.

We know of the case where the dog infected its owner. Possibly via carrying it on his/her hair, etc. But, we are so obsessed about ourselves, we hardly have a clue as to whether this virus might infect other animals. We are talking a few precautions that the most likely candidates, apes, will not be infected. But Rhesus monkeys, remember them? Bats? Pangolins? We just do not know fully who carries and who gets ill. What if many species did? That would really start to look like apocalypse. I read a LJ post where the guy noticed very weird behaviour from a rabbit, twice, and then by another animal. As if bush-fires and suburban sprawl and pesticides were not enough. Just one more insult, during a very real Seventh Great Extinction.

I have a few other nifty thoughts, but forgot them...
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