where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

and a star to steer me by

I'm sorry I can't do comments right now.  More sleep/wake issues.  I can't stare at the screen long because I need to try to sleep again.  And my computer would have me here all night because it is impossibly slow.

I think I will set up things so that, if and when I get sick with *whistles*, I can hopefully manage myself.  Maybe there won't be hospital beds.  My dog, I don't know, he'll, have to bide his time inside, eh..  Thing like electrolytes, cough syrup, etc., etc.  This will require me going shopping and getting ill, of course.  Thanks for those who joined the on-fire community, anti_viral.

Heard this song w/ new perspective: "All it's gonna take is some warmth to make it blow away, blow away, blow away..."  Not this time, sorry George.  We live in a different world, a different time.
Tags: music - beatles - b - harrison george
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