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You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

spilling the seeds of love

At about the same time I stopped going to the big supermarket, thus saying goodbye to, "Sure Fine," sunflower seeds, the seeds offered by Aldi's stopped being so obnoxiously oily - so I was fine switching over to them.  They are too salty, though.  Not as many pebbles, a good thing.

Lately, those seeds have been packaged leaving a bunch of seeds trapped in the top part of the bag, before the seal.  So, when you open the bag, those seeds fly out all over the place.  I was thinking of writing to the brand to tell them I do not like mice, so please stop this.

As I sat down on my bed, a minute ago, I thought of this while opening another pack.  The seeds flew out, everywhere.  So, I sat the bag down next to the computer to clean them up, and the bag tips over and spills all the seeds all over me and the bed.  Mice will have their way.

My illness really put me through the wringer last night.  Didn't work out as I had hoped.  Should do a little dip into sleep soon.  Even though it shouldn't, it feels like I might be able to walk to the store today.  I think I will write a CFS post soon, largely because I need the evidence, for when the SSA investigates me again this next January.  Otherwise, I have zero doctor/medical visits to provide them, covering the past 2 years.  I hope they take this whole crisis crisis into consideration and perhaps they will even be dead.

I have to try to sleep now.  Comments later, silver plate.  PS - Computer is so bad, I have to log off after every page I go to - which is insane on dial-up.  It is infected again.  I hope it doesn't spread to me.
Tags: food - seeds - sunflower seeds, mistakes / in history, my cfs - (and see health - cfs...)

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