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Antisocial Distancing

Some woman walked into Jennifer Lawrence's house. Got charged with misdemeanor trespassing. Is it California, or because she is a woman: Because in Illinois, she would be charged with home invasion, which is really serious.

I got all ready to go trekking, but my brain just wasn't fit, and it was already 4:30pm - I try to go by 3:00pm at the latest, for various reasons. So, I cooked up my two pizzas, not waiting for green olives, anchovies and red bell peppers. Good enough. Brain still hurts.


  • Coronovirus is a party. Pizza. Uncle Sam wants to send me $1000 for staying at home. It's forcing people to wake up and grow up. But, some other people are getting ichy already, like those in my neighbourhood. If this goes on for months, people won't be paying their rents, they'll be wanting other people's stuff, or they'll just get even more pissed at the likes of me and all my privileged white disability.

  • That's another thing about Coronavirus. Social distancing. For me, that's a good thign. But shouldn't actually be called, "Antisocial Distancing"?

  • For want of any stimulus income, and maybe even not wanting it, people are going to start taking their money out of banks, and it might get to a run. For all that Trump, etc., are trying to do, things could really get bad.

  • This is World War Corona. Like the other two world wars, especially the second, it is affecting all the same places: Europe, China, Japan, USA, Australia, etc. Indeed, China, having lost its wonderful face, is now blaming the USA for having sent in its military and planted COVID-19 in Wuhan. It's all America's fault! Hopefully, the Dems won't be repeating this latest talking-point.

  • I've had a running hypothesis that Trump is the Anti-Roosevelt, (FDR). Reagan ran against FDR's and Johnson's new-deal/ great society. But Trump is to today, and the GOP, the true anti-Roosevelt. He is an over-arching take-charge reformer, dealing with big urgent issues, but coming from the right. According to the theory of cycles in history, this sort of thing happens about every 80. And that's very much where we are. After a trade war than cooled off, now there is acrimony building up again between the USA and China, all to do with blaming each other for the virus. The world will be a shaky, poorer place in a year - ripe for war.

  • And, the most interesting thing about Trump being the Anti-Roosevelt is that he is now unleashing big, New Deal welfare type programmes to try to ameliorate the virus crisis. That isn't really ironic, more than it is parsimonious, or poetic. Everything repeats, one way or another. The Dems were once the anti-black party, and then it was the GOP, and soon it may be the Dems again. Labels change, but the same old regeneration keeps pushing on. We are each sewn into an intractable conspiracy to expand our species, no matter what comes out of our mouths.

  • Remember 9/11? There was a liberal conspiracy theory that it was an inside job. This theory was shared by Alex Jones, who actually warned, months ahead of time, that the event would happen. Conspiracy theories can actually be correct. Like the murder detective who is so good at his theories, he can instinctively predict where the next murder will be. Or, the AI computers which generate theories on where the next storm is coming from. Well, 9/11 all began with a childish, animal-tormenting president premising national policy on jealousy and revenge, because he was the son of a, (rich, CIA), president. His finger-pointing cost us $4 trillion dollars and lots of death. Where did that money go? Into the GROUND.

  • Lots of forces created it, because we are addicted to a Permanent War Economy.

  • Today, it is the Dems who are pointing conspiracy fingers.

  • Well, putting money into the ground, instead of mouths and houses, leads to what? That's right, it wasn't just a mortgage crisis, it was also military economic dysfunctionalism, and a few environmental disasters, that created the Depression of 2008. The consequences of that went on for a decade, with a lot of devastation, especially to the poor and the 99%. Remember how our solution was to send hundreds of billions of dollars upstairs to the banksters? Remember all the absurd crying that went on? All the failures and take-overs and consolidations?

  • Today, we have a kind of historical rhythm of that crisis, emerging even later than it was predicted, triggered by a virus - and the social contagion of anxiety. This is how people act when they have had it too easy for too long whilst simultaneously suspecting they will never get away with it, the lie. And, the virus may not have been directly triggered by global warming. But it came from the same sorts of things causing global warming: overpopulation, consumption, profit, industry, carelessness, crowding too close to our exotic animal food, interconnectedness (and trade). See how we, the top predators, are so delicate and vulnerable to be felled all together by one little chink in our armour - a virus, such as destroyed the Tripods in the War of the Worlds. We carry on in certainty when, every day, our house of cards, our glass castle, come closer to collapsing.

  • Is Trump acting anything like George Bush 2 in dealing with this comparable economic and social crisis? Not at all. Instead of sending $4 trillion into the sands overseas, he wants to put money into the hands of the workers - just as FDR would have done. Because of this crisis, a new order that has been pressing on will become dominant, whether that means more isolation and working from home, and more mega-techs in charge, or more Big Brother, and more danger. But, at least we have learnt a little from 2008, and might help things from getting too extreme. In the next decades, we will have more and more extreme weather, so it will be very hard for our countries to navigate competently through any crises.

  • Symbolically, this present might be considered part two of 2008 - something that was destined to happen due to all the wrongful ways of speeding and borrowing us out of 2008. Postponing the inevitable. Then, like Archbishop Ferdinand from out of the blue, a black swan event throws us to the direction we had been avoiding. Humans are incapable of knowing how to deal with chaos. They deem anyone who takes precautions nuts, or preppers, and they deem anyone who considers alternate sceneria, "conspiracy theorists." In my neighbourhood, there is a relentless conspiracy to stamp out open-mindedness, creativity, intelligence beyond the norm, etc. Instead, society is BUILT on norms, rules, expectations, demands, capitalisation from means of least resistance. Funny that all that would choke up the planet and throw us into convulsions. NOT what we had hoped for.

  • Following 1929, and the Dust Bowl, FDR, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler and Churchill all rose to power - through a kind of populist demand for authoritarian nationalism. (The main year was 1933). All reactions to the global depression. A decade after the stock market crash, it was World War. Well, I am thinking that, if today's crisis leads to major war, which it could, then it could be the reincarnation of 1939. So, 2008 = 1929, and its extension, 2020 may be 1939. Just a way of looking at and comparing history. Indeed, the contention of Al Smith for election against FDR looks similar to both Sanders and Biden vs Trump today.

  • We are undergoing a sea shift which is changing and redefining the millennials, and future generations, as the cycles begins again. 20 years, times 4. And now, our president is the Anti-Roosevelt. That might sound good, or bad, but the reality is that the country is trying to decline, being trillions of dollars in debt., while China is try to ascend. Same thing happened between the USA and Britain / Spain, back in 1812 and 1898(?). Who knows what will happen. I do see Trump being reelected, though. As I once said to a UK minister, perhaps the dreaded Johnson might one day become a Churchill figure. And so too may Trump. Remember: At the same time FDR and Churchill rose up to save the west, from economics and war, socialism and communism were more strongly trying to take over the world. But all that is another discussion.

  • Did you know Joe Biden has hair-plugs? Look at a close-up, you can see the rows. It is really smart to run someone who doesn't know what state he is in, or has any kind of policy philosophy, other than hand-me downs from the DNC. "Bernie can't get things done. Bernie doesn't know how to pay for anything. Bernie can't beat Trump. Nobody likes him. He's too old - woops..."

  • I want to call into question two concepts floating around Biden, etc. One is that he is intent on having a woman run w/ him, for VP. I want a woman president. But the whole mantra was to elect someone who can beat Trump. And along that road, the Dems voted out women and minorities, next Bernie, so they will have an old foul-mouthed Irish guy of dubious moral character, to run against an old foul-mouthed Scots/(Irish?) guy of dubious moral character. That was what they did, and now they switch back to identity/quotas for the VP position, now not worried that that might lose the election to Trump? They continue to contradict themselves. Instead of saying, "Whomever is best for the job, hopefully a female," Bernie just goes along with the party line, once again. "Um, sure, probably a woman. If you say so!"

  • If you're going to get a woman, it had better be a moderate or conservative, to appeal to Republicans. Watch Biden pick Warren, and Bernie pick Amy. K, then they'll just continue on the Democratic debate saga forever until they mutually annihilate each other. Get a real programme. Make up your minds.

  • And the second thing is that everyone is so confident because Biden is strong with the black vote. Yes, the party has to find out the candidate who best represents most members. But how does being strong specifically with the black vote have any relevance to the general election? It's a tried and true fact that most Dem blacks vote for the Dem nominee anyway. Is being stronger with blacks going to help in a race against republicans who are supposedly largely racist? Makes no sense. However, something to consider is that perhaps 30% of all eligible blacks, left or right, say they support Trump - which is astonishing. I don't think being strong w/ Dem blacks is going to reach out to pro-GOP blacks much at all. They are there, and probably after switching over, because they are not interested in identity or race issues, (esp. after seeing how urban conditions have not improved under Dem mayors). They are looking for results and opportunities via some alternate philosophy. A lot of them relate to him personally. It's a strange new phenomenon. But, Dems are once again going to miss the bus, labelling everything as racist, etc. Bernie, as well, shot himself in the foot as soon as he declared, after losing in 2016, that Trump is the most evil lying monster in the world, in synch w/ the DNC. Boxing everything into left vs right again.

  • Millennials are failing to turn out not only because of Coronavirus, but because they are precisely tired of all the anger and blame and shifty alliances in politics. They were hoping Bernie could deliver them from Trump, but now they are seeing the DNC Dems have produced tow old white male candidates who are acting a lot like Trumps supposedly in order to beat Trump. Fools. They can't change this approach because it has been set in stone by the Clinton DNC.

  • Jennifer Lawrence for president.


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