I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

STATE OF THE ART Quantum Dementia!

I have been looking for tags that have been removed, by LJ. Maybe around 2014, someone dropped me and complained to LJ. All my harmlessly sexy pics were deleted, which I consider a hate crime. Apparently, the tag for the crazy guy on the corner back in Ye Olde City was deleted. But I cannot understand why they would delete a tag related to ideas. I speak of my very important posts discussing ideas concerning the amplification of psychic dissonance in society, which was, "value distention." These posts discussed how society goes awry, but they were not anything bad. Was the tag deleted because someone wanted to steal the ideas? Have no idea. But, this lead to me looking through tags/entries. So many entries are untagged, and many are tagged, "+++", etc., which is a cue for me to add many tags later - which I never do. I need to start doing that. Yet another thing to take away my time. But, there many hidden posts, needing to breath free. Here is one. A little one...

Tags: jerks, lj - censors, my lj posts, unfair

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