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Sing your lungs out!

What I regret most about living in this apartment is not being able to sing.  For seven years, my spirit has been dying.  Now that I am in exile from the virus monster, forced to remain here, while there are no sports for the Crazy Man Downstairs to watch, I am stuck in an even worse quandary, being awakened from dreams by banging, and so on.

Around 1987 and 1991, there was a revolution in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  People made change by getting together and singing.  It was called the singing revolution.  The hills were alive!   (Hopefully my post on it was tagged).  During tough situations, people get together and make absolutely nho sense, chirping out melodies and rhymes, and somehow THIS WORKS.  Tell that to the lawyers and the landlords and the tyrants and the goons...

Quarantined Italians Sing Together Across Empty Streets In Hauntingly Beautiful Video

Video of quarantined Italians singing to each other across deserted streets from their windows, balconies and doorways during the coronavirus lockdown is as beautiful as it is haunting.

David Allegranti, a writer for Il Foglio newspaper, shared footage of residents’ stirring rendition of a local folk song in the northern city of Siena on Twitter Thursday night.

Check out the clip here:

More crazy anti-viral singing...........

"Abbracciame cchiù forte", il canto dei napoletani in quarantena dai balconi di casa

Neighbors spontaneously singing together in Wuhan, China, in the initial days of the outbreak there.
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