I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

A word to the wise.

Today is national blame-someone-else day.

My dog needed to go out early this morning - about 8:40, compared to his usual 10:am.  I talked to him, made sure this was what he wanted, and went out.  No noise of any consequence.  While I am out, Crazy Man Downstairs has to come outside at the same time, as he often does, because this is the game he plays in his head.  For some reason, me needing to take my dog out at a different time (change) means I am competing with him.  So, he drives off while I am clearing dog dirt.  Comes back a little later and starts stomping around loudly.  Who is this person and why is he obsessed with inserting himself in my life?  And why will not the LL or owner do anything about it?

I think it is like a horror movie - zombies - how Americans have become so psychologically bizarre.  And, I have to say, this is greatly happening to people on the left - not real independent progressives, but DNC Dems, mainly.  Not to say the right isn't as nuts as it has always been.  But what I am calling the DNC Dems have gone insane.  And they are incapable of seeing it.  They just keep repeating themselves over and over again, insulated in their echo chambers.  If you say anything to them that is apart from their ideological pathology, they HATE you, vehemently.  You are not ALLOWED to say one thing good about Trump, who is in fact the president.  If your criticism sounds the slightest bit positive about him, even if 98% of everything else you say about him is negative, they ostracism you.

That happened the other day, when I made such a comment to a LJ person just going on and on about Trump.  So, she makes a negative comment to me and bans me - so I have no idea what her comment was, lol.  Just nonsense.  I am so tired of the endless slanted news on NPR, the obvious propaganda on CNN et al, and the political and personal attacks based on no valid evidence whatsoever - just prejudice.  They latch on to anything possible, so they can continue the addictive blame.  He makes a speech that many day was just fine, if not great, and the DNC Dems are screaming that it was criminal, "OMG!  He CLARIFIED!  He CLARIFIED!  That means he is LYING to us!"  It is just NUTS.

I wrote about, "Democrats in Denial," in 2016, and probably earlier.  Check the tags.  Now, it has gone completely overboard - it won't stop until they see blood.  Just because they say they belong to the Left does not mean they are incapable of pushing us all towards despotism or squalour.  Some of the worst tyrants, and mass-murderers, have called themselves leftists. 

I am cautioning everyone to be on guard against such mass-frenzy.  It can become extremely dangerous, left or right.  And the whole game they have Democratic voters playing - intending to vote for the man who can beat Trump - is delusive and insincere.  It is a a trap for failure.  And it is setting so many people's expectations up, in anger, that when Trump is reelected - or even if Biden is elected  - there is going yo be violence within the next four years.  And some of it will be financed, as usual, by left-wing billionaires with a mission.

I think it is coronavirus that is handicapping Sanders, along with the new "electibility" talking points.  what is going to happen, months down the road, when no one will want to go to the polls, save for the clinically insane?  And how sane is anyone who would rather attack attack attack, than come together as a country to resolve a crisis?  This is very much like what happened in pre-Brexit UK.  Many people were simply going out of their minds, in fear of the change, and blaming Johnson.  A little blame is fine - but not as a kind of persistent sickness.  Anyone remember the stiff upper lip? 'Anybody here remember Vera Lynn?'

Look how we have, after enjoying the better economy for some years now, have worried ourselves into a lethargy that completely opens us up to attacks from viruses, and other maladies.  And the panic, now.  Will it demand a certain police state?  Some believe so.  And a week ago, I read a LJ blaming Trump for not locking up suspected carriers.  Locking up, by Federal action.  Not medical advice to stay home.  It makes sense to those in fear.  But every time you trade off liberty for safety, to open the doors to a flood of corruption and abuse, that cannot be stopped when the laws no longer apply.

It was once that a free nation would choose the best course of action, so not requiring any kind of control from 'above'.  That was when there was a strong public philosophy, binding us together, moving us to act responsibly for one another.  That morality, along with its darker side, was largely informed by what is labeled, Christianity.  Same in UK.  Now, there are hordes of people intent upon tearing that fabric apart, and they know not what they do.  Deliberately know not.  I do not adhere to any religion, as you all know.  But, most religions have a spine of humanity which is the same everywhere, and often only works because of the primal strictures and threats which religion wields over the otherwise anti-moral, or animal.  Fire and brimstone. 

Well, neither the carrot or the stick is anymore much in play.  And this is a dangerous harbinger of future clashes of religions and empires, which some believe are being instigated by those who would install a world government.  But, more on conspiracy theories some other time.  Always, in times like these, hearts go mad - but so do minds.
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