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I've noticed that LJers have come out of the walls and started posting again.  That's the good side of the Coronavirus apocalypse.  The other good thing is that the price of gold has gone up.

I was out with dog this nightly morning and saw the garbage truck approaching.  So I decided to finally put out my giant recycling bin.  But they never picked it up.  That was stupid.  And exhausting.  I guess another truck will come by eventually.  Seriously, this is the first time I have put out garbage since they instituted the new giant bins almost a year ago.  Shows how delightfully anal I am.

I am sorry to disappoint you partisans, but I think Trump has been doing an excellent job regarding this crisis.  It looks ludicrous to me when DNC leaders say he is fumbling.  He's not.  He is doing better than I have ever seen a president do in this sort of situation.  This is the sort of thing that convinces me that, if he is reelected, he will get real and make an announcement for the need to confront climate change.  He is not a denier, he has been catering to his retarded base.

If the W.H.O. had ignored politics and announced a pandemic weeks ago, maybe people would have buckled down a little more.  I think people should NEVER listen to politics.  That includes NOT voting for the person you think would be best able to beat Trump - but for the person you most believe in.  That's the point of voting, to begin with.  Back in the early days of this country, no one had information on who could better beat whom, right?  They voted for the person they believed in.  If you don't do that, eventually democracy is DONE.

PS: Weinstein.  Epstein.  Woody Allen.  These Jews disgust me.  A hundred years ago, it was EINSTEIN.  And so many other amazing Jews.  Why is this happening?! At least there is Bernie!

PS - The regional FM radio station has been constant Billy Joel, Cher, Madonna, etc.  (The one good thing is that it plays George Harrison a few times per day, and I am fine with Fleetwood Mac and E.L.O.)   But, suddenly, it is finally playing 1990's music!  Finally.  Just heard, "Mister Jones And Me."  Life just keeps getting better and better, lol.  (Note: The reason why I keep adding to this post is because my f**king PAGE WON'T LOAD).

PS - I am being just be BLITZED by China IPs!  What does that say to me, considering recent posts?  It reaffirms how in-bed the DNC is with China.  This has happened before.
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