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I am the person who will destroy China.

time for your morning quizzle!

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1) Which president would erinsrevenge be likely to idolize? Polk
2) Have you ever dated flying_pandas? in my rock and roll dreams
3) Would pinkpunkpornsta and x_dont_stare_x look good together? um - that is a mismatch made in heaven
4) What is autumnxwhisper's favorite band/artist? phil 'n the blanks
5) Are guinnesspunk95 and ___________riot going steady? actually, that might even make sense
6) If snazzy_bagels and _sarahanne were spliced together, what would be its name? "It's" name!?! Sara Bagels. A nice Jewish girl.
7) Does sugarplanet have a big secret? Yes. She stalks Conan O'Brien.
8) How would trigunotaku conquer the world? With a magical pen/weapon called felix
9) What would you do if you found out lacerated___x has a crush on you? Become confused and psychotic.
10) Is telling_time friends with skankingvinyl? No, but they're similar - they should hook up.
11) If ___skeptic commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? People with red hair.
12) Is jezebelee introverted or extroverted? I think her name says it all.
13) How long would little_badger dating onexmorexdeath last? It would end at the dial tone.
14) Are _sarahanne and petitchou182 married? You know - I often wonder about petitchou...
15) Does monocromatico smoke? I'd be surprised if she didn't.
16) Which of your friends should floatingwalrus go out with? Flying_pandas - well actually - um - I don't think I have a guy for him at the moment...
17) What would backdrifter_ think of autumnxwhisper? I don't even know what I think of them - why do they keep popping up?
18) What is monocromatico allergic to? Guilford High School.
19) One thing you can't stand about sallie_forth? She does he hair really weird.
20) Does petitchou182 have a dog? Lots and lots.
21) Has pinkflint dyed their hair? wtf?
22) Does furious_angel go to your school? School of Hard Knocks
23) Is a_common_blow single? I'm counting on it.
24) Is kiss_your_elbow in a relationship? Yes, plus she has a lovely elbow she's very fond of.
25) Would you ever date death_averted? I'd give her a scond chance, hell yes, she rocks!
26) If rachel_friends and dorkhole were spliced together, what would it be like? sour kraut
27) Has skankingvinyl been to your house/dorm? It's entirely likely. He's a shady character.
28) How would languor kill gillashl? gillashl is NOT the enemy!
29) If x_kazza_x took over the world, who would be happy? who the hell knows
30) Are a_common_blow and marymagdalene going out? no - they're just doing taste-tests together
31) What animal does _____paranoid remind you of? wombat
32) What exotic animal would satanist_whore like as a pet? she'd be happy with a mustang
33) Is erinsrevenge dead sexy? yeah - she tops me
34) Does gaspworthy travel a lot? not recently, but she's world-wise
35) Is duskforest your best friend? she can get that way
36) Is sallie_forth athletic? she's healthy and this quiz is getting really boring
37) Is snazzy_bagels related to you? only through incest
38) Would you wrestle radley in jello? i'd wrestly ANYONE in jello
39) Would you set up unspokenxword and gillashl? yes, because I know it would fail
40) One quality you find attractive in flying_pandas? GUITARS!
41) When did you last call si1ent_ange1? i call out her name every night
42) Would you make out with ohhhalyssa? she's too young and sexy for me
43) What do you disagree with gillashl about? MUSIC!
44) Where did you first meet park_lights? in the red light district
45) What is floatingwalrus's favorite game? kangaroo-tipping
46) What flavor of jello would ohhhalyssa be? strawberry - why - got a problem with that?
47) Do you have lacerated___x's screenname? why don't you talk about people i actually know?!
48) Is ___skeptic a high school student? yes - what dif does it make - why don't you get a life?
49) If ___skeptic was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? god
50) How long have you known petitchou182? we have several children
51) Could you see rathomus and sugarplanet together? anything to make her happy
52) If kiss_your_elbow were hanging off a cliff, what would __gracelesslady do? write a story about it
53) What would petitchou182 give unspokenxword for his/her birthday? a goose
54) Do you think david192 is hot? of course - why else would i make a guy my friend?
55) What is ovrdue_hysteria's favorite food? a big bag of chili spice

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