I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Life is a Virus.

My CFS doctor finally tried to contact me.  He left a message on my machine about an hour ago.  Maybe he was all excited about Bernie.  Another Brooklyn Jew.  Seriously, I might be the closet thing to another Jew he can find in this town.  I once chatted w/ him about my days at the Kosher Deli.

So, yeah... I am so glad Bloomberg ran for President, aren't you?  What a wise, wise use of money that was.

The news from NPR: "Coronavirus increases, causing some to talk about closing schools.  And today is Super-Tuesday, so everyone is off to the polls!"

Um, wait...  Don't they see the cognitive dissonance here?  Everyone is plum happy to run off and play with buttons and levers that hundreds of other people have played with, but we really should talk about closing schools because of the Emergency...

Later, a reporter chimes in about how Pense and Trump talk about dealing with the Emergency, yet they are doing other things.  I've got news for NPR.  The whole country is bonkers.

More later.
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