I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Dropping like fleas.

One of the B-candidates dropped out - Mayor Buddhajudge. I didn't think he would get far, despite his sudden surge. Well, when he left, right before tomorrow-the-big-day, I said to myself, "He talked to Biden." Sure enough, today's news confirmed this. Rather than spend more money, Pete wants to be VP. But I really don't think he'd be a great co-host for Biden. On the other hand, Amy K., who dropped out almost simultaneously, would be a great co-host. She might also have talked to Biden. I was most sorry to see her go. She was a great moderate, and she poked fun at her image of being, "The Cake Lady."

What is going on here, is the DNC, who owns Biden, and is still dominated by the Clintons, is telling the moderates to get behind their Jeb Bush. It is the same deal as when Clinton and the DNC deliberately ousted Sanders from the 2016 convention process. I didn't report it at the time, but there have been signs in the past that Clinton, et al, has been pushing Biden, as when Clinton released her book, and said, (para), "Nobody likes Bernie Sanders... He is a career politician..." (I don't think there are any greater career politicians than the Clintons). And so on.

When people like Alex Jones correctly call out George Soros for the ways he spends his billions - like backing the violence of Antifa, and Euro-fascists in Ukraine, he is called an Anti-Semite and blocked on FB, twitter, etc. But I would like to know: How come this constant DNC conspiracy is not called out as being anti-Semitic? Hmmm? Same deal. Same difference.

Who do I support? I support anyone who has not been given a fair voice, and a fair chance, because of lack of money, or partisan backing. I don't support the Irish guy. I support the Jew! Bernie! (Despite the fact that my Jewish doctor will not respond to my letter). I also backed Obama both times. Yet people like to lump me in with racists and fascists. Kettle black. Kettle black.

Frankly, if Bernie loses? Trump has been doing a few good things, and I am taking a break from wanting to control politics. I have other things to deal with. Like, despite this illness, becoming the person I am supposed to be. President of the universe.

Bad day. Had to postpone everything another day.
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