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heavy shit

I have so many things to write, but all scattered.  So, I am going to watch a movie.  Tomorrow should be the actual day for walking to library, etc.

Edgar Allen Poe's poem, "The Raven," is regarded as a great poem, full of imagery and sounds.  I don't think anyone notices that one trick Poe used was in reverse-pronouncing "raven," i.e., "never!"  Nevermore!  Maybe the only reason he went into poetry was because his name was POE.

The raven is a messenger or reminder of doom, with its hidden meaning, "never!"  Like a backwards Beatles song.  Some guy comes on Coast-to-Coast-AM occasionally, and plays recordings backwards, ;discovering hidden messages therein.  Sometimes, it is real.  I can't get into my whole origami language idea right now.

But, if you ask when you will evah get into Heaven - or has this place ever even existed - just reverse-pronounce, and you will get, "Neveh!"

Finally, I believe that if god exists he is a pistachio.  Yum.

But. If there is a heaven - more like a cosmic memory or ghost of what you were - then this:

Only what you yourself have made

Will travel with you to the land of Valhalla

Everything else is borrowed time.

For such is the mite.

Good doggie.

Roll over and play dead, which ever comes first.
Tags: heaven / afterlife, heavy shit, nonsense, reverse-spelling / -pronouncing
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