I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

"What am I DOING with my life?!"

I eat a high-protein diet, because carbs are bad for me, as they are by for diabetics.  Nuts, beans, fish, tofu, etc.  Turns out that sulphuric amino acids, found in these high-protein foods, may contribute to Alzheimers.  I was avoiding carbs precisely to avoid dementia, CFS, etc.!  And I deliberately take MSM, and the sulphur in broccoli, etc., because sulphur transports oxygen into blood cells!  And it is good for joints.

I eat many fermented foods...  Yogurt/magic-milk, Kombucha/ACV, sauer kraut, fermented veggie juice, fermented chocolate drink, wine, beer, tofu, soy sauce, etc.  Turns out that there is a toxic, cancer-causing chemical in fermented foods, especially when they 'go bad, (as in wine), and that is acetaldehyde - something I will write about later.  The very foods I eat to promote good gut biota, and fight away bad biota, may be tending towards giving me cancer, dementia, etc...

Coffee is a great anti-oxidant - good for the brain - and can help against fatigue.  Half of my coffee is via boiling the grounds, to save me some money.  Turns out there is a chemical produced in coffee, especially when it is boiled, which can cause cancer.

It is always nice to have hash-browns, pancakes or cornbread - as a treat.  But - burnt carbs can cause cancer!

Fish that do not live directly off of algae/plankton - contain mercury!  And plastic nano-particles!

I shall never taste my dog's manufactured dog food, as it could give me Mad Cow Disease!  What the devil are they thinking, feeding sweet potatoes to dogs?  And we wonder why they die so soon!  And I won't even touch the wild meat from the food pantry, which is mainly DEER, because who knows yet of humans can contract Chronic Wasting Disease.  Who ever imagined this who Coronovirus mutation would mutate and become an epidemic?  Who had any idea that a Lone Star Tick, if it bit you, could make you dangerously allergic to meat?!

Food poisoning is bad enough...  But now we have to worry if there is fecal matter on our lettuce, etc.  Because poorly paid workers like to shit in the fields.  Or the crops are all sprayed with something containing manure.  But - why worry about this when we should be worrying about insane GMO's, and the harm that is doing to our planet and future global economy?  And why worry about that when GLYPHOSATE is coming to the rescue to solve everything!  Glyphosate is in your food - in your cereal - in your blood!  It's a carcinogen, and probably worse.

When Americans die in battle, they rot slowly - very slowly.  Why?  because their bodies are full of chemicals, preservatives, additives, heavy metals, colourings, glyphosate, GMO's, and EDTA!  One day, when we die, we will simply turn to plastic.  Ornaments.  Recycled shopping bags.  Credit cards.

It used to be that the whole point of life was survival, and hopefully donating your genes to the next 7 generations.  NOW, the object is to get through a constant barrage of attacks from all sides, trying to do you in, under happy labels of beneficence. 

Why should the agents of this destruction not tell us so, when they themselves only feel good, making money off of us - giving more advantage to their own genes?  A relative handful of moneyed producers of food, propaganda, toys, etc., are filled with glee, not merely in their own product, but in the fact that all this entropy and pollution and economic divide is vastly undercutting the well-being, happiness, and lives of their customers - their genetic competitors.  And, so, every now and then, we hear of companies or people who deliberately scheme to harm others directly and intentionally, whether they be Soros, or Kochs, or VW, or Enron, or Pacific G&E, etc., etc.  They are the tip of the demolition iceberg.

But it worse.  Because of elitist divide-and-conquer tactics, partisan insanity, and the incessant mean-world stress instilled by cut-throat competition towards money or influence, and TV, we are blighted by millions upon millions of people who go through life with a game of spite and dominance in their heads.  They are a vast army of closet sociopaths, bastards, politicians, wheedlers, and straight-out psychopaths wanting nothing more than to KILL, should push come to shove. 

They are a horde of emotionally infantalised, professional resenters, hating their jobs, their proxy-siblings, their status, themselves, and they give only one mission to their neocortex: to rationalise, justify, and manifest their limbic desires to wage revenge, war, dominance, hate, vindication, proof of being 'right', control, of supplanting all chosen enemies with one's own genes.  It is a sexual, antisocial perversion, sublimated to a lifetime of cold calculation, seething antipathy and the spending of money to gain friends, establish power, or prove one's grand divinity (narcissism).  Giant cities are filled with boxes on top of boxes of these hateful proles and one-day bourgeoisie. 

And this tide of hate, trying to envelope us all - our nation - our world - is another - a human - manifestation of the entropy naive selfishness has inflicted on us all.  Call it the love of money.  So many are possessed by it, while therefore hating everything about their lives, that they spend virtually all their time making the world around them exactly the opposite of a place of wealth, health and happiness.  They are agents of the elites, like George Zimmerman, but in their own skulls.  The elites don't care about them, other than that they continue squabbling with one another, and making life an explicit game-board for competition and failure.

And, so, I have the psychopath who lives downstairs from me, waging a war against me that is only in his head - and I mean that's where the "facts' of it are created, whilst the TV plays rhetoric from Trump, or whomever, over and over again.  And, it is people like Nancy Pelosi, ripping a president's speech in half, who is inspiring these bastards to hate, and harm, and destroy.  It is a conspiracy of what religions call evil - anti-moral - from Catholics and Atheists and Evangelicals alike.  very moral people, in their own minds.  Therefore: It is not, "Because I do right things, I am a good catholic," but, "Because I am a Catholic, the things I do are Good."  So, what harm does this narcissism see in waging passive aggressive wars at anyone poorer, more handicapped, more 'immoral,' and so on. 

I know for a fact, that the bastard downstairs is nothing but a mentally deranged puppet of the inane decline of our morality.  Our ethics.  our self-respect and independence.  Our love and help of the humanity in others.  It is all a sign of social entropy.  A war going nowhere, accomplishing nothing, but dissolute decline.

I made pizza the other day.  The cheese causes advanced aging.  Carbs.  The olives I used came in a jar.  The jar was mostly filled with pimentos.  And the actual olives smelled and tasted like anti-itch cream.  Look at this one product, and tell me what you see?  More pimento than olive, which taste bad?  I see GLOBAL WARMING.   I see entropy.  I see producers trying to hide the fact that so many olive trees have burnt to the ground, and raise the price of olives, and the price of producing olives.  I see the culmination of that onslaught of devastation in so many things these days.  I bite into a sardine, and it gives a big, hard CRUNCH.  Probably because the gut is filled with plastic!  Bananas are now rapped in bunches, by more PLASTIC.  Why?  because the producers and sellers think this will get you to buy more bananas.  Why?  Because bananas have been hit by a virus and its getting more expensive to produce them!  Coffee and chocolate and nuts are being hit hard by global warming, with their prices rising dramatically.  Entropy!  Death!  Do not trust it.  Do not fall for it.

Why is the whole world now on alert because of the Corona-virus mutation?  because it was produced by idiots in China trying to make the most money off hog farms, squeezing hogs all together, with chickens, and humans, and unsanitary and inhumane living conditions.  Cutting corners, producing shit, undercutting competitors, bribing US companies and jobs to move to China, manipulating the currency, cheating at exploiting resources, sending their toxins our way, etc., etc. - NOT because they are thinking about anyone else's health or well-being.  But because the Chinese, just like everyone else, is on the ride to make more money, with an attitude of righteousness, and the perseverance of their own genes, but having the en-Toto, big-picture, mass effect of filling the planet with chemical, economic, social and species ENTROPY.  It is a global addiction, with everyone striving all the more, because everyone is all the more pursued by this growing beast.

So.  Few, few will wake up to the ultimate mass destruction of this game - a tragedy of the commons - until the end has already arrived.  You look now at how organised nations are pretending to address global warming.  You look at how vast groups of people keep getting injured by industrial pollution or chemical accidents.  You look at how more species are disappearing than can even be identified, or how our politicians do little more than bite each others heals, or how militarisation only goes in one direction - UP, and how there ever continues to grow not only a widening gap between the haves and the have-nots - but between the humans and all other species.  See all this, and ask, to whatever god you conjure: "What have we done with our LIFE?!"

Only recently do we look with serious interest at such things as the Australian fires, the droughts, the viruses, the dying coral, the dolphins...  But, these are  merely the big, sensational, headline-grabbing phenomena.  By the time our diverted, obsessive, frenetic society takes notice of these overt signs, it is already too late.  We have slept through our coming of age.

Our heads are too long slouched towards the beast.
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