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I am the person who will destroy China.

Stop meh, Stop meh, Stop meh (if you've heard this one before)

Experiencing much "brain-flash", and brain fog, and fatigue today, consequential of Saturday's walk to library, et al.  Trying to climb out of it.  Crazy man downstairs is still playing games, which informs me that the LL's were of little effect, and that I must push this onwards to the police, and possible legal action.  At least making enquiries regarding the latter.  Just love spending all my time on, if not CFS, this sort of crap, and nothing I need or want to do.

The problem w/ the female LL, (property manager), is she likes to chat and thinks everybody is just great.  Must treat everyone equally in a democratic system.  Just as one must, e.g., expect to win a race by tying oneself to a lame person.  Or, give Hitler and Snow White absolutely equal treatment, rights and opportunities.  Carry on with this stupidity until the psychos prevail, the poor, meek, disabled, etc., are further disadvantaged, and trust that our legal system will take everything from there.

I have said that the person downstairs is a craven psychopath, with the emotional IQ of a 2-year-old, scheming to draw me into his equalisation trap with every move I take, and shouting that he is going to sue ME - for things that only exist in his own mind.  You do NOT gossip to sorts like this about how he is succeeding in making me MORE ILL!  This is not the type to feel sorry and relent!  This is a lying bastard who absolutely intends to use any such coaxed and tempted information towards advancing the insane war against me that is born of the mental illness in his head.  WHY let him succeed in drawing me into that?  Ugh...

Managed to get a fair amount of sleep lately.  That was healing sleep, until this latest little relapse took over.  During that sleep, I had some nice dreams.  In one, I was in Madison, working as a telemarketer.  There were many awesome girls around..  But, I had to leave, and come back, and was henceforth handicapped in my sales, too worried to think about girls.  It used to be that my dreams of being in Madison usually ended with me running out of money and hitting a crisis.  But, I think that PTSD has resided because, these days, I do not want for food and housing.  A few hours later, I had another dream.  THIS time, I was partying at night, outside with several hot girls, etc.  It went pretty well.  No thought of sex - just the fun of partying with girls/friends can be great enough.  And, IRL, I had many of those times, back in the day.

So, this was a healing dream, since it was of earlier times, and was positive.  One girl, who looked like Amanda Peet, but college-age, wanted to thank me for doing something kind which publicly benefitted her.  She bent down and kissed my hand, leaving a photo.  Pretty odd - but the main point was that I was popular with the females, like in the old days, yo.  And not for sex, necessarilly, but for understanding, appreciation and friendship.  That was something I valued.  Well, this dream got a little shifty, as it was pitch black outside, and I had difficulty figuring out this or that.  These days, I tend to lose a lot of things.  So, in the dream, I was reassured that nothing was lost, everything was fine.  Just another wild night out.

I have been watching the BBC miniseries, "Ripping Yarns," with Michael Palin, including writing by Terry Jones.  In almost every episode, there is obsession followed by stupidity.  Palin is usually the obsessed man, and then the benighted man - (or concurrently, as in the video below).  Palin likes the early 20th century, and likes to draw cracks through that stable UK society.  Terry Jones, on the other hand, introduces a lot of complete absurdity, and is even more anti-authority, or anti-convention.  I have also watched the Terry Jones documentary mini-series, "Barbarians."  In it, Jones brings justice to the formerly sullied images of the barbarians: The Celts, Goths, Darians, Sicilians, Greeks, Persians and Vandals - showing them to be far more intelligent and less barbarian than the Romans themselves.  I am glad for this, because I have always known it had to be said, in one piece.  I have always known that the Romans and the Roman Catholics manipulated and wrote history to their advantage.

So, really, this whole miniseries is a pretty brutal attack on one of the primary "authorities" of all time: The Roman Empire.  He doesn't stop there.  He points out that not much has changed, through the transition of that empire of the Roman Catholic Empire.  Same occlusions, blame, barbarity, narcissism, and so on.  The only time we have seen anything resembling such ruthless criticism in that regard has been, "The Da Vinci Code," and, The Last Temptation of Christ.  Based more on myth - not documentative.  Anyway, for all the pains that Monty Python took to convince everyone that, "The Life of Brian," was not a direct attack on Christianity, and all its blessedness, but an attack on normal human ignorance, in the context of abusing or rejecting Christianity - I think this documentary by Terry Jones, who was, I think, an atheist, shows some very strong feelings and arguments against Catholicism, at the very least in its human foibles and sins.

(See also movie: Silence, (also via my tag) - And see, "Barbarians" History Channel.  And, "Barbarians of the Steppes," DVD lecture series).

Here is my favourite, "Ripping Yarns," episode.  Its irony goes a little farther than slapstick, and deeper into the relativism of social beliefs...  "The Testing of Eric Olthwaite"..

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