where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

My life has been a hanging chad.

This is day 4 of being virtually brain-dead.  Several days ago, when said jackass came out and yelled at me, there was an issue with my central/front brain.  The way to alleviate this, is to rest, and sleep.  The way to make it far worse is to undergo stress.  As I said, I may have acted cool as a cucumber during the confrontation, but my system is so, so sensitive, that small amount of stress entrenched the problem in my brain, up until today.  And it worsened, so that I was unable to write any letters, as planned.  I should be able to write perhaps three things today, go to library, print out, mail, and possibly do more laundry downtown.

Even after my complaints to LL's, the guy is still playing the game in his head - knocking on the window while I am out, etc.  Complete crazy person.

Last week, I somewhat flirted w/ the woman doing the phone interview, establishing SNAP benefits.  It went well.  I shall not walk all the way down there, but I must mail her things ascertaining my permanent residence status.  For some reason, I have been getting SNAP and Medicaid all this time, with them thinking I was a citizen.
Tags: bureaucracy, stranger in a strange land
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