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Natural Mystic

Every Friday, the regional DJ guy ends his show with a phone conversation with his mom. The mom closes the call with 'words of wisdom'. Today's w-o-w were spot on:

"Following the path of least resistance makes rivers, and men, crooked."

I like a good quote grounded in nature of physics, along with a Franklinian moral aphorism. Not that this combination guarantees any kind of truth. But, it is a mini-kind of poetry, which is fine. But - this one is true...

What IS the path of least resistance? Well, of course, going along with one's peers - the group. So long as that continues, the groups tends to breach boundaries in its growing narcissism, which always leads to nothing good.

Another path of least resistance? Going to school to study conventional ideas, upon which you build a conventional, if not bureaucratic, life. Working in a glorified cubicle, marrying someone who reminds you of someone, living in a house you didn't conceptually build, raising kids that prefer alcohol over you. Pretty much.

Or - believing in the same so-called 'god' that everyone else believes in - and even killing people for this narcissistic belief - even though all you are believing in is a word or a concept, using the idea that your "faith" makes you better, smarter, gooder than everybody else, outside the fold.

Following the path of least resistance is watching, rather than thinking; consuming, rather than producing; coveting, rather than inventing. The path of least resistance is putting on rose-coloured glasses and thinking you know the answer to everything, and that you know what everyone else should be doing, and you have the right to control others to your easy ends.

Following the path of least resistance is giving enemies the THUMBS-DOWN, that they should be morally condemned, when all your morality is based on nothing but a conspiracy of jealousy. Watch how soon such angels fold when you outright reject their propaganda, revealing that they are empty balls of wool. Isn't it sheep we count when we seek to go to sleep? Sometimes, ideologies, philosophies or theologies are mainly, for most, a nice big wool blanket we enjoy pulling over our eyes.

The path of least resistance is MONEY. All others listed above could not prevail were it not for the fuel of money. The more money, the more and more choice, the more artificial and inhumane the selection. Rising to the top of the political and moneyed ladder, up with all those who cheated and injured and sold-out, just like you, you reach the pinnacle of glory: The ultimate easy seat, pushed by multitudes, coddled by extinguished species, paid for by the mobster boss - where all of morality has now turned completely INSIDE OUT, and you are among the safe, the protected, the luxuriating DEMONIC CLASS.

And, were your intentions not the best?

"Oh, time will tell...

You think you're in heaven, but you're livin' in hell..."

- Bob Marley, Natural Mystic
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