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Here is some of the info I compiled on Crazy Man, from past entries in this journal.  Most of these are not full entries.  Just a compilation of relative stuff.  It is clear that there were even earlier entries than the first 2016 entry info included here - but they were not tagged.  Hopefully, all the text will fit in this single post - we shall seee....

2016.11.21 at 23:03 -

As predicted, the crazy bald guy came back out of his shell, but I managed to shut him up again. This was easy because the barometer was low, and he never acts up until rain is approaching, or during a full moon - just as the Nethers did. SAME PSYCHO-PATHOLOGY. I have learnt these things. But, rain is coming tomorrow afternoon, so there might be a huge bang at aournd 3:am, or something, and/or more stomping, leading up to the rain. After it rains, he gets tired and goes to sleep for a long while. This is like some monster giant from some nutty fairy tale, "rwwwarrr!"

Yes, I called the cops on him once, and the cops do nothing, because they have no other witness, (unlike some other things they deal with just fine and dandy). Basically, it's because they don't want to be drawn into dysfunction between two crazies, when EVERYONE around here are crazies. I'm the only one who's not! And the ironic thing is that other neighbours pulled the same crap - and so the LL - who did NOTHING then - conveniently assumes I am nuts. I swear to you. If you read Kafka novels as a boy, then one day you will be in one.

2016.11.23 at 22:42 -

The crazy bald guy needs to stop sending up his little envoys. Seriously, he was completely quiet all day. This happens every so often. I wear softer shoes and turn the music down. Nevertheless, he resumes obsessing over the slightest noises I make - like quietly whistling to sitar, and David Grey, etc., tonight. (It's not like I suck. I am talented. I was once a theatrical STAR). It is certain that he will start up again, in a manic snowball. He starts taking revenge again me or my dog, if he hears a car make a noise - or thunder - or a mousetrap. He thinks I am deliberately causing these things.

2017.01.06 at 20:31 -

... this year I started up the gas heater. I will probably manage to pay for it, but I don’t know. I set it to 52 degrees, or 53 when I feel rebellious. Sometimes, I retire to the back room, with dog, where I use the electric heater. I can then turn the house heat down to 50 degrees.

(Last year, the problem with sleeping back there was that the crazy bald man would go back there at 1:30am or 3:am, and produce a house-shattering “BANG!” He still does it, but it harms my health worst when it’s back there. He follows me, and know which of the three rooms I am sleeping in, so he can bang and stomp directly below. When I say it’s bad, I mean it is REALLY bad).

But, the great thing is that it is still cold enough to keep the cockroaches at bay, probably smoking cigarettes downstairs with the bald guy. No matter how much wonderful-smelling food I cook up here, there has been seen neither exoskeleton nor hair of the cockroach variety. Don’t get me wrong, I do respect cockroaches. I think they are approximately human beings. They do wear the same genes.

However, it is wonderful to be able to throw tortilla chip crumbs to the wind, and not having to worry about waking up pregnant.

Seriously, it really is nice. No mice. No cockroaches. Just this giant, overgrown insect downstairs, throwing apples at the wall if ever I should dare to vacuum the carpet, whistle, or play with my dog. It really is a bugger, not being able to tidy this place, without having to experience another round of his attacks. Fortunately, his tantrums are somewhat predictable. They always precede approaching precipitation. They even precede the inevitably falling barometer, warning of impending snow-shovelling.

Why do I know this is true? Because he, like all psychopaths, is an INSECT. It’s some damn insect thing! Come on – you know about insects! You know they are weird. Open your mind – have a little compassion. Insects are bad news!

I am a northern guy. If it weren’t for the CFS, I would be living in the Seed-Savers storage facility in frozen Svalbard, sending little boxes of ice to desert countries, just to make a little money. Why would I do that? To get away from the insects. You don’t usually get malaria, yellow fever, zeka, dengue, west nile virus, chikungunya, rocky mountain spotted fever, lyme disease, sleeping sickness, lone star meat allergy, the plague, flees, or bee-stings, from people! You get them from bugs! Insects are bad news.

2017.02.10 at 14:43 -

My dog appears to have a growing band of mange on his back, of all places. I am doing what I can about this. I really don't need another year of unanticipated vet expenses. Besides topicals, I am showering him with kindness, trying to reduce his stress. But, the problem with that is that he starts getting out of control and over-eager about everything and everyone. One thing I must do is vacuum the place, to remove hair and mites. But to do so would result in injurious warfare from the man downstairs.

Btw - I was right. This guy did indeed resume his stomping and banging again, with the full moon, and the barometer dropping. Every single time there is approaching precipitation, he goes mad, just like the Nethers. Then, it stops, once the barometer rises again. This leads me to believe that the madness - the psychopathology - is base and animalistic, as I have hypothesised. It influences my dog and tends to lure him to the lower, devolved common denominator - and so I am surrounded by the madness and passive aggression - all because of what? The phases of the moon. A change in static electricity. Meanwhile, the man's ego watches football all day, and convinces him that he is the president or something. Heed my observations, my Aussie readers.

2017.02.17 at 12:35 -

The crazy bald guy has been getting up every night at around 3:am. He walks around, and gets louder and louder until he is stomping. I think he starts by inflicting a big slam or bang, because I am always awakend by the time he starts walking and stomping. This would not be unusual, because he has done it before - as have the Nethers. It must be some known weapon to all assholes. So, I have been especially fatigued and ill today.

2017.03.10 at 16:59 -

So, I have largely fled because I, very really, know my own limits. It is not that I am involved in self-delusions. But, history makes sausage of us all.

Some narcissism is necessary, else none of us would survive. I must believe that something in each of my days is meaningful, useful, and important. Meanwhile, I am swamped with difficulty. Hope springs eternal.

Well, when the Nethers were assaulting me from below, my only escape was to WRITE about it. This was a form of narcissism - or of the existential bias in desperation. Through writing, and thinking, I went on to learn new things, beyond the Nethers. The same has happened with the crazy bald guy below. His persistent harming of my health necessitated my escape into narcissism, when I would rather be concentrating on the riddles of the universe. And writing fiction. But, without tallying things, figuring things out, I would never have learnt that their insanity was deliberate and insane, and was blaming me, someone they didn't even know. When I told others about their passive aggression, everyone basically considered me to be the crazy person. In such a world, where no true hope is given, the only alternative is to escape into narcissism, whether through writing, LJ, or through religion, moralism or fame.

Instead of taking responsibility for ourselves, at least, we are lashing out at each other. It may feel good, to incline so religiously violent, but the fact is we are acting no better than apes or reptiles, forever captured in the dense, insane stasis of the JUNGLE. And, we may think ourselves godly in our missions, when in fact we are being as reactionary as ants to the coming monsoon.*

* - (Note that the attacks by the psychopath downstairs are directly related to the approach of bad weather, plus the full moon. The same was so with the Nethers).

2017.03.27 at 08:02

A letter to my LL this morning, (via email):

What I have been trying to do, here, has been to write as much as possible, and to live a life conducive to the possible improvement of my health. After the experience of T. and P. downstairs, slamming doors and shaking the entire house with explosive music and DVDs at 3:AM, I did not think it would be possible that some other problem neighbour would be moved in downstairs. Somehow, this happened. Since before I even knew he had moved in, the guy downstairs was retaliating against me for walking quietly, and various other innocuous things. For example, if I allowed my dog to jump up on my bed, (or down - onto a mattress on the floor), apparently this was intolerable behaviour from me, and so the guy banged and so forth, directly beneath my bedroom.

-As you know, I called the P-lice on him at around 1:30am, this Monday morning. This was for more the latest retaliation from him, which is actually a perfect example of what he has been doing for the last year or so, while you have been collecting my rent. Let me give you a run-down of the day yesterday. Nothing unusual happened, from me. I mainly rested in bed in the early morning. I gave my dog his breakfast as usual. No stomping around or other activity. I have been trying to catch up on writing, after being hit with a strange manifestation of my illness for the last two weeks. So, writing is not warfare, is it?

The problem is that, from the moment he moved in, this guy has been waiting until he thinks I am sleeping, and then he attacks. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for me to get any work done - or to rest - while this guy deliberately gets up and stomps around, or bangs on the walls, as he did this morning. Last night, I did wash dishes at 8:30pm - which is apparently after his bedtime, or, should I say, the time when he, "passes out." As far as I can tell, this imposition upon his early bedtime was the reason for his retaliation. By 11:pm, I moved quietly from my bed to the couch, calling it a night. So, as is his method, he waited until 1:30AM, when he was sure I was asleep, and then he went directly under the bed, where I slept, and began pounding heavilly, with his fists, on the wall.

When the P-lice arrived, I conversed with them, and then they talked to him. From my porch, I could hear him him disparaging me, shifting the subject. One of the things he complained to them about was that my music is too loud. Now, I want this to be an introduction into the issue of how this person so easilly lies. Do you remember, after the first time I called the P-lice on him? When talking to you, he told you that he never hears anything from me, only from my dog occasionally. Well, at that time, my music had been just as loud as it is today. There has been no change in my music since then. That means that he lied to you.

Back then, he told the P-lice that he could NOT have banged below my bed, as he had done so many times before, BECAUSE HE WAS "ASLEEP." OK, right there was a lie to the P-lice - something that put Rod Blagojavitch(sp?) away for years. And, isn't it ironic that it was I who was asleep? And, in the morning, you called me and said, regarding his latest attack, "Could it have been something else?" I don't know if you realise how insulting this was, or how sad that you apparently were believing his lie. "Trying to be fair".

Why would I need to lie about that, on the other hand? Unless you thought I was crazy? Please understand that this person is a parasite who fixated on my on day one, and immediately started up this game.

When he first moved in, my music was not loud. Or even on. But I began having to turn it up, just to try to drown him out. But, for your continuing education, get this: Back when that downstairs apartment was empty, I wanted to find out if my dog or my music might be bothersome to anyone who might live downstairs. So, I turned it up as loud as it could go, as meagre as that was. Then I went downstairs to listen. And I didn't hear a thing. NOT a thing.

So, when he uses my latest complaint as an excuse for him to complain to the P-lice and to you that my music is too loud, understand that this is more of a fabrication arising from the central problem: His bizarre fixation on me. His war with something in his head.

I now keep my music, "loud," because every time I would turn it down, the guy would start up again. It is completely anti-social / anti-logical behaviour. He waits for when things get quite, then he attacks. He doesn't ALLOW me to turn my music down. I also wear earplugs, for the same reason. But my dog lies with his head on the floor and has to deal with the sudden bangs or stomps, as well as the music! But I have no other choice. The only thing he respects is retaliation, as when I stomp back, which has been rare, but I am losing my patience.

Next: He also took the opportunity to switch the subject, to avoid responsibility for his actions, and gain sympathy for himself as a victim, by telling P-lice that I drink and, "pass out." No, that is called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Most of my life's objective is to SLEEP. And here you have given me this CRAZY PERSON who believes in the opposite: to attack me when I am sleeping or quiet. Add to this the fact that he lies, and manipulates, and does nothing but watch TV all day and FIXATE on me, then very much looks like a true psychopath. We all know there can be many psychopaths in our society - So why would this not possibly be true just because it is someone living below one fo your renters whom we are talking about. Not every disagreement can be settled by feigning fairness and - what do you call it - false equivalency?

I put out my recyclables about every three weeks. Included are three empty wine bottles - three .75 bottles. Is this a problem? Am I in violation of the lease? I don't think so. Because of your tenant, I find it easier to ignore this guy, and fall asleep, when I have some wine, even though it is not good for my illness! (And, if I supposedly, "pass out," then how am I up every morning at 5:AM, to talk my dog out, and get away from the craziness for a few quiet minutes?) Once again, this is another SYMPTOM of the problem, if anything. Another one of his fabrications, like that I, "sing." I rarely sing, but when he keeps hammering away relentlessly, you can bet I'll sing if I want to, if it will shut him up. I'm Irish and I've got a right to live a normal life at the very least, but I'd really, really, really rather fight.

I have perfect pitch, by the way. I sang on stage. If I ever sing here, it is very quietly, which is unfortunate because I rock.

As I read your lease, the guy downstairs in in violation, unless he has special privileges.

I don't know if I ever related to you the earlier days of this insanity, but I do have the facts, which I will be posting online for friends and relatives to read, in my defense, with no one referred to by name. But, for example, when he first moved in, he began making sure that he was up before I was, (taking out my dog at 5:AM), and SITTING IN FULL VIEW, with lights on, in his living room. How crazy is that. When I altered the time, in preparation for the shift in daylight-savings, he changed as well, trying to beat me, getting up in the morning. Jilly. This is crazy behaviour.

When he saw my recyclables bin sitting on my porch, which I do on the day I put it out, he was somehow offended, and began the stomping and banging, because, um, right, I must be playing games with him. After that, he FINALLY put his trash out, which was a huge amount. I like to inspire people to clean up their own lives, I guess, but I don't need this bullshit. All I'm doing is putting out recyclables - why do I have to get drawn into some crazy man's lunacy?!

Um - yeah - also attacked for doing vacuum cleaner. Cooking. Talking to dog. Cuz I guess I'm evil for doing these things. Or he is the king of the universe...

After that recyclables bin incident, guess what happens? He starts leaving his garbage can in the middle of his sidewalk. He left it there for almost two weeks, even passing it when he went in or out. OK? Crazy person. Crazy person.

I never complained to you about that, did I? Maybe I should have. Maybe I should have been complaining every day for a year or so. Not a crazy person. Not a crazy person!

Now. Here's something that should blow your mind. I keep my noise constant, pretty much, unless he starts trying to punish me. When does he start up, trying to punish me, stomping and banging?

Whenever it's going to rain or snow, he starts up RIGHT BEFORE THE BAROMETER DROPS. I have been studying this for a year. It is an absolute correlation. If this doesn't convince you that he isn't out of his gourde, then you simply aren't listening. The only other solution would be for you to go and live with him for a week to see how bad I am, supposed, or vice verse. But then that would make you a crazy person.

So, just note that I am asserting myself here, because I have had to live with your choice. Didn't I say something about how it isn't good to have two tenants in the same building, if both of them are home all the time? Well, here is that problem, complicated by a house-like-a-drum, complicated by the fact that the guy downstairs is mentally ill. I am not responsible for other people - complete strangers - who are mentally ill. I am not responsible for a mentally ill homeless person who locks eyes with me and proceeds to throw bottles of urine at me. It's the same parasitic illness coming from the guy downstairs, except he cowers behind walls.

I haven't addressed this problem as much as I could. But, I have been putting it off, week after week, because all i want to do is live my life, rest, cook, love my dog, and write, write, write, whenever possible. But, I am going to have to make time for this, now.

So, I just thought I'd write this before you embarrass us both again by saying, "Could it have been something else?"

If there are any issues presented to any of my potential landlords in the future, I will submit a copy of this letter to them as well. Thank you.

PS - I'll have some yardage for ya's. Let's set up an appointment for B. to replace the washer on my bath faucet again. A week after he fixed it the last time, it started dripping again. I have had to clench it closed extremely tight, and virtually never use it.

OK - now maybe I can get some sleep....


PPS - You may have heard of a recent case where a man attempted to evoke an epileptic seizure in someone via a flashing video, on Facebook, I believe. I have heard of two such cases. The legal defense, of deliberately causing direct physical harm, is assault. It is a crime. It is only a matter of time before such a defense succeeds on behave of, e.g., someone with PTSD, who may have been attacked in similar, seemingly indirect, ways.

2017.03.27 at 22:33

So, I called the police last night, cuz Bald Guy crept directly under my bed, where I slept at 1:30am, and very loudly pounded his fists against the wall, over and over. The police arrived, I told them Bald Guy is nuts. I said I knew their hands were tied. But the good cop said that the next time this happened, they would arrest Bald Guy(!) Woe - yeah! So, then they went to talk to Bald Guy. Bald guy gave them all kinds of stories, and lies, except any explanation of why he did what he did. You know all this from the posted letter to my LL, pretty much.

When the cops were leaving, it was like a sudden luv fest with Bald Guy. Remember: He is a manipulative psychopath. I began speaking to the cops again, but this time bad cop was thinknig that I was the problem. There's always got to be one in every crowd, just for the attention, thinking themselves justified, right or moral, right? I was trying to say that he had told the LL that he never hears a peep out of me - yet now he was all incensed about my music. But the bad cop said, "I'm not going to debate this with you!' So, I instantly countered with a good response, which turned all the cops around. They are but little townie cops, so. But, the nerve of that guy. I don't have time for this crap from people anymore. I've spent over a year putting up with Bald Guy, and you think I'm going to instantly stoop to kissing your opinion's ass?

By the way, bad cop also said, "If he does this again, we will give him a ticket." I had to ask him to repeat what he said, as I tried to unblock my ear-plug. A ticket? Since talking to Bald Guy, they changed their offer from an ARREST to a TICKET?! What am I in, Yo-Yo-ville?

Well, the last time I called the police, which might have been almost a year ago, the LL called me, all scrutinising and skeptical, like I was crazy. This year, after that letter I sent her, she hasn't called me at all. She will surely contact me, esp. cuz there are maintenance issues, but this is so cool. Nice that she took me so seriously that she ONLY went and talked to Bald Guy. I saw her car drive away at 5:15pm.

All up to the LL's visit, bald guy was AGAIN stomping around downstairs, as if he had somehow won. And it's all because of that stupid bad cop, last night. However, after my LL's car left, he has not made a sound. He may think he knows people but he don't know me. I have more tricks up my sleeve if and when he acts up again. (Next day UPDATE: See upcoming post: Crazy Guy attacked last night a little past midnight. Sent my heart racing, which has continued today).

Dog is shaky, from the stress - and too little sleep. Last night's sudden banging set him off barking. He only barks on special occasions. Holidays. Cheese competitions. The Tripods.

2017.04.20 at 17:24

I have been so ill lately. This goes back to my walk to the supermarket more than a week ago. Most people feel the sore muscles a day after, e.g., the beach. I have intervening stuff, so I didn't get around to feeling the pain until more than a week later. My body goes into suspension. All hell in between.

It has been amazing, tracking the behaviour of the bald crazy man downstairs, and the influence of the weather, and logging it in for people to read later. It is a 100% correlation. People are so pompous, but most of them are controlled by the weather, and related physics. Nevertheless, my animal dog also acts up when the guy downstairs shuts up. This is because my dog gets actual SLEEP, and becomes actually HAPPY, when the attacks from downstairs subside. So, my dog wants to hop around. Also, my dog is a male, and, as you know, males are the fuck-up of the planet....

I dug up more dandelions in the front yardage today. I thought I might do this along the street, as well, coming home, but after all that shit, I just wanted to snuggle up with dog and SLEEP.

Of course, with my happy dog, the asshole downstairs starts stomping around. So. My music is louder. Pathetic and quiet yet piercing his thin white bald skin. What can I say.

2017.06.04 at 20:16

The guy downstairs has been acting up again, in recent days. And, because he assumed I was retaliating last night by cooking, he stomped around this morning, went away, and came back around 2:30 pm, slamming the front door so loud it shook the house.* I don't understand this, since I walk really quietly, etc., and my cooking was done by 9:pm last night. So, now I will reveal that my cooking last night had nothing to do with him...

* - Note: I have figured out that when the crazy old bald guy goes away like this, he sleeps somewhere else, so he can come back and make loud BANGS here at 1-3 o:clock in the morning. Crazy guy is crazy.

2018.02.09 at 16:35

My CFS has been suckness lately. The walking exertion of Tuesday left me with very bad brain troubles, so I haven't been able to think or do much. It is still attacking me. Lately, I have pushed my way through a few movies. But this morning I did some major snow-shovelling. When it looked like I was done, the jackass next door yelled something. I have been doing this for 5 or six years here - they are new here. If they don't like it they should find some other hellhole neighbourhood. They live like pigs, walk through yards, and try to intimidate people. Meanwhile, the old crazy man downstairs is in some shovelling competition with me. When he first moved here, he seldom shovelled. He stomped around and banged on the walls incessantly. He played games with his garbage cans, etc. Now he shovels. He is much quieter. He wears a new winter coat that looks just like mine. He got a new car that looks like my funky windbreaker - after hearing me always saying, "Boosaroo!" every time a Subaru sponsorship would be mentioned on, "Prairie Home Companion." Boosaroo! (That's Subaru) pronounced backwards. Yes, his car is now a Subaru...

He has immitated everything he has heard or see me do, including chumming up with my LL, whom I now regret to be an idiot in certain ways - such as stupidly making my life worse as this psychopath simply exploits her gossip. So - the point is - where do these creepy monkey people come from? Immitation is not flattery when these closet bullies do nothing but try to own your life and dispose of you. How many movies have been made of this theme. Unfortunately, it is not a rare phenomenon - it is everywhere, at least in Illinois. All the sane people have been leaving this state, but nobody every really looks at the social mental illness here as a possible cause. If you mention it here, you are branded as thin-skinned, or completely CRAZY. AS THE INNITIATOR OF THE PROBLEM. And all the dregs just count on this dys-ethic to embolden and enable their disease. Conservatives let it happen because they just want to ignore the poor or mentally ill. Liberals let it happen because old men, blacks, other minorities CAN DO NO WRONG.

I should be one of those minorities in their eyes, since I have a disability. However, that disability is invisible to the stupid. Even while I am subconsciously denied because I am ill, I am consciously blamed for NOT being ill. It's absolutely crazy. Instead, I am culled for the reason that I am a fine white male with undo privilege and a sense of entitlement, entitling everyone around here to endlessly try to pilfer my spirit, my dog, my happiness, my mere survival. The Spirit-Stealers. I go about my business, and whites who don't know my situation are completely wonderful to me, especially if they are conservatives, disgustingly trying to involve me in their racism against all blacks. On the other hand, blacks and many white liberals enjoy setting me into any petty disadvantage they can think up. Even while I detest racism either way, it is a fact that a great many of the blacks around here are racist bullies towards the cowardly whites. This is what America was made to be?

Well, some months ago, the jackass racist black next door yelled at me for absolutely no reason - plus various other bullshit. All I do is mind my business, tend to my dog, and act decent to other people, except for those who take advantage of this. I don't understand why we cannot evolve as a species beyond this mean animal psychopathology. This guy yelled at me to control my dog, out of his complete fear, even though I was clearly controlling my dog, who is so obviously lovable. After that incident, seriously 2/3'd of the neighbourhood started acting like my dog was a super monstrous killer. Because of the gossip and the blame, siding with the new BULLY - not me - even though I have been here for 5-6 years! DEMONSTRATING how I respect everyone, and how decent my dog is. Instead, all these people started stopping on the sidewalk half-a-block away, yelling at me for my dog, asking or demanding me to control him. I have NEVER seen such a bizarre example of perverse human behaviour in all my life.

The BULLY is right because he's black, like them!...

En masse, they are virtually BEGGING white people to be or become racists against them. That's the truth. They are deriving their sense of self from perpetuating the whole concept of white racism.

Anyway, I am not here to criticise blacks. Whites are just as bad, in their own ways. I am generalising here, of course. As far as I am concerned, mean jerkwads can be white or they can be black, but their jackass racist or dysfunctional behaviour makes them BOTH the definition of BOTH 'niggers' and 'crackers.' White and black both. They are both the same thing. Any group which tries to lord power over another, where they control the local group, or politics, or money, or weapons, or property, or age/muscle/masculinity/etc. - it is all the same crap. And it is time we start recognising the deeper psychological problem/s in America which are shared by all factions, whether one group calls it white racism, or another group calls it black racism, or so on.

Anyway, since I was outside shovelling the other day, the bald-headed idiot downstairs - who is white - decides he MUST come out and shovel at the same time as me, even as he knew this would make my dog all jumpy. Believe me, after two years of this guy's behaviour in the past - all committed to my notes for possible legal reasons - this guy KNEW what he was doing. To stop my dog from jumping around, I had to give out a big shout, "Stop!" That did the trick, and we went calmly inside together. Sadly, my dog did not get his chance to do his daily exercise, because of this freakish parasite man.

Well, in the next two days after that, when I was outside shovelling, or with my dog, the asshole guy NEXT-DOOR and his wife start screaming loudly at me, while safely hidden in their house. Now, I see it as being inconsistent that this BULLY idiot is now screaming stupidly for the fact that I actually CONTROLLED my dog, when that was what he innitially had SCREAMED at me to do in the first place, back when he was trying to establish his dominance of everything in the neighbourhood - coward that he is. So - beyond this amusing fact, now the old bald guy downstairs is being emboldened by hearing them hating at me, and he is once again becoming more of a jerk. He is waiting for the time when he can join forces with the BULLY, whom he has been afraid of so far, (and the bully's wife), and come down on me.

See what I am saying? I am here minding my business, with bigger and better things to deal with than this petty retarded game played by a bunch of unevolved two-year-olds, including THIS SEVERE ILLNESS, my writing, my dog, etc. Their game is starting to try to close in on me, simply because they hate themselves and their are envious of something about me - and they fear my dog - JEALOUSY.

This is how society closes in upon itself and reverts to pogroms, and wars, and broken economies, and anything but progressive evolution! People react to their own jealousy, reinterpret it as righteous 'morality', and then actively blame the OTHER, whether that person or group has any relevance to causation or not. And, I am saying: IT IS COMING FROM BOTH WHITES AND BLACKS, in the same disease! - Even though it is later separated into this racism or that racism, and so on, with group now being played against group by the partisan and the elite. A great example of this pathetic yet real, tragic cancer inherent in human civilisation, especially in agri-urbanised (through history), can be seen in the movie, "Mother!" which was referred to me by the great LJista, "bird_and_fox". (See akso, "Noah").

2018.02.14 at 13:33

The crazy man downstairs is back at it again, banging the walls etc. as late as 3:pm last night. This cowardly closet bully is all confidant after calling the police on the people next door, for loud music. So, now he is attacking me. And, when I go out with my dog, he apparently back on the phone shouting/complaining to my LL, who is an idiot for trying to be 'fair' with this psycho.

This latest bout of bizarre behaviour is yet another sure-fire predictor of rain or snow coming soon. I check my barometer and yes,, it is now dropping. I check the weather radio, and yes, rain is on the way. When it finally gets here, he collapses into silence for a day or two. He's completely nuts.

Do you know that there are times when he completely stops, hides his car, hides downstairs, leaves his newspapers, and pretends that he isn't home? But there are countless signs that he actually is home. This is the bipolar component of his behaviour. I think the last time he did this, it was out of fear that a neighbour/s would retaliate for his calling the police on them walking through the yard at night. He was probably also afraid that I had called the actual owner of the house on him. Which I'm going to have to do. I just don't like being any part of this subject, or this guy forever trying to insert his dick into my life. Another time he hid like this, it also suggested fear over similar situation/events. Anyway, when he come out of this stage, then he eventually starts the stomping and passive aggression, until it gets all out of control again, because he is in his manic phase.

Recent research shows that Schizophrenia, Bipolar, etc., all have similar biological mechanics. So, it is not surprising that this pathetic psycho narcissist also has a component of paranoid schizophrenia with delusions of persecution.

BTW - he once told the police, and probably the LL, that I go out and get drunk and then pass out. So, that is why he waited until a few hours after I came home last night. He figured I was out at a bar, and then passed out, and so he began the banging around 12:30am. This actually makes no sense to me, because if I am passed out, then what good would banging do? But this is what he does because he is a complete coward. You all know that I drink wine these days. Once a week. It started as a way to dull me from this guy, and help me sleep! But in all the years I have been in this town, I have NEVER ONCE been to a bar! Not one! But he has decided that I am a complete alcoholic, even when I am the most responsible person around. It has been he who has been harming me, my dog, this neighbourhood, etc.

If I wanted to go to a bar, wouldn't that be my right, as an actual grown-up adult? If I get home from a movie at 9:20pm, on a Tuesday, maybe twice a month - why is that something to attack me for? If I immediately put on my headphones and watch a funny movie, silently, with maybe a little chuckle here or there, what does that have to do with him? If my dog wants to jump up with me on my bed, how does he have the right to retaliate for this? If I mind my business, taking my dog outside, why do I have to hear him then getting on the phone and shouting at the top of his voice, or coughing and hacking, or banging from behind the wall downstairs? If I shovel snow, why is this some giant contest with him, such that he ultimately gets up the nerve to come outside at the very same time I am out, knowingly exciting my dog, just to prove, "I can shovel snow TOO, neener neener!"

By the way, his banging, etc., last night was directly below my front bedroom, where he thought I was. I was actually in the back bedroom, all comfy with my dog, so the banging didn't affect me. I was, however, awake at that time, by some fluke. That is what I am trying to recover from now, because circadian dysynchonies are a major insult to my CFS.

One thing I do to ward off the noise is to wear headphones over my earplugs. Last night, the left speaker in my headphones broke, sometime in the night...

Lately, the adapter has been shutting off my radio and erasing the stations. When I would try to set stations, my dog's head would bounce up, because something weird was going on electronically. I figure that, last night, the adapter not only shut down the radio, it blew the circuitry in the microphone, and consequently blew the headphone speaker on that side. $60 for this, and the radio was another $60. Insane. This is why I would rather own an in-shape car made before 1976 - because electronic circuitry is just one big problem after another. That includes my last car. We are sitting ducks, waiting for a solar or Korean EMP to send us into the Stone Age, when creeps like the guy downstairs start roaming the street, looking for brains to eat.

One more thing: If I tell my LL that, rather than goo to bars, I actually go to MOVIES, then she will tell the guy downstairs, trying to be 'fair." What will that psychopath then do? He will follow me to the movies and sit a few rows behind me, because, "I can watch movies, TOO, neener neener!"

Before he recently went into hiding, my LL apparently told him I smelt burnt rubber wafting up into my bedroom. After he came out of hiding, there now is no end to him wafting up more burnt rubber, cig smoke and pot smoke, now that he knows he succeeded in that.

Can you believe this crap?

America has forgotten what progress means. Gossip has been the kiln for our morality. The needs of the individual are lost to the power-hunger of sheep. All our goods are made in China. Most of our movies are made in Canada. We can't even pay China to recycle our plastic. We can't even build and sell our own solar panels in this country. Our tax cuts benefit businesses overseas - just like our inventions! Our stock market crashes when jobs improve. And everybody resorts to this ridiculous petty insanity, propping up egos which are filled with nothing but dusty air. Pop! And now here's Governor Rounner on the radio, pretending the GOP is not intent on crippling all government for the good of the billionaires. Don't get me started on the Dems.

Craziness. CRAZINESS!

2019.11.10 at 18:01

Man downstairs began his stomping this afternoon. THIS MEANS ONCOMING PRECIPITATION, in a day, give or take 1/2 day. It is as sure as rain. This man is a living barometre. He predicts rain or snow better than the weather forecasters. I don't know how anyone can live their lives so UN-SELF-AWARE. Then, he also goes to the phone to complain loudly, as well. Rampant denial of internal psychic dissonance. And he has to time this when he knows I am outside to hear him. Let me emphasize to you: Most people who pretend to be tough and big and all-knowing, shooting off their mouths from behind closed doors, tapping or banging on walls in the night - they are INSECURE AS FUCK. This includes all psychopaths and most of society. So, when you call them out on it, they conspire to call you crazy. And their great tool - their great god - is manna I mean money. Although they know virtually shit about anything, they march forth destroying the planet. That makes them big. Flakes of skin falling from a drunken mankind's body politic. Zombies.

2019.11.11 at 05:12 -

The snow had accumulated so much, I had to shovel again, up and down the sidewalks, etc. Wet snow.

My radios are pretty loud now, in reaction to Crazy Bald Guy's stomping. Meanwhile, I made two rounds of coffee, and boiled chicken for my dog - in the middle of the night - which crazy man hates. Put chicken in fridge and, woops, I have to boil that broth down so I can fit it in the fridge, too. Also boiling the two coffee grounds, as usual. The house is temptingly filled with juicy aromas. In the middle of the night. Hard to sleep with that goin' on, huh.

Also ate a whole piece of chicken, after the walking and shovelling, and a glass of wine, as was how god intended it. Amen.

2019.11.29 at 10:26 -

The fool downstairs apparently banged on the ceiling/wall last night around 11:pm, when he thought I was sleeping. Resented my cooking, etc., yesterday. Old coot. There is a 5% chance that the noise was my dog scratching, and knocking the floor - but it seemed way too loud for that. Fortunately, I was well enough, and on the computer, with headphones on, so I don't care. But, this morning, there was another bang around 6 or 7:am, (when he again thought I was sleeping. Not sleeping but waving). The stats all line up: 1 - Precipitation is coming; 2 - Holiday, and 3 - He put out his garbage for the week, which somehow makes him think he is more responsible than me. Cannot fathom that I do not NEED to put out my recyclables less than once every two or three months now. And my scanty trash goes into a dumpster at the gas station. And I keep my wet garbage in a bag in my fridge of freezer. Looks like I am way more responsible than him, but this is how asshole people always have been. Scrooge that.

2019.12.01 at 11:19 -

I had a great dream last night. part of the dream was me, (after throwing books into the river for homeless people to read), setting a firecracker, in a shoe or bottle, on a railing. I didn't know if it would go off or not. I waited a few seconds, wondering. Sure enough, it did. Well, what was happening in real life was that the idiot downstairs was making another loud BANG on the wall or ceiling, thinking me asleep. But, my dream put me in control of the situation. My dream allowed me to predict the attack. And my dream gave me insulation. Right? I never woke up. But I know it was him, because this happens constantly. I don't know how anyone can go through a full lifetime and never grow out of such mental illness.

Anyway, my dog was happy today, and so, when we came inside, he bounded up the stairs, and then romped around in the living room, as I innocently closed the door downstairs. And this is something the crazy man downstairs really hates. But, many times, nature is serendipitous to me. Why take revenge when there is justice to be found in the universe. We all die, in this way or that. And so, it does not take much effort for nature to tip the scales to the favour of this or that good, natural person. Well, I will say at least, the odds of this natural fortuity, they are slightly better than 50/50, if not overwhelming all the time.

This info has been compiled for posting in an alternate journal. Notice that the aggressions from this man have extended from the day he moved in, to the present day. Observe several earlier posts in which I report Crazy Man banging, slamming or stomping, etc., between 1:am and 2:am, in order to awaken me. (I often was awakened, with a pounding heart, and consequent CFS repercussions). Well, contrast this with his shouting and swearing about me shovelling now, at around that time of night, quietly and far away from his bedroom window. That HE should be blaming ME, when this was all I could do to get away from his attacks!! - OK - let's see if this post works./..
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