I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Manic Depression 3

I am in the binge, baby.  So long as my health holds out, I am writing letters 'til the cows cross the road.  [Pause: Here is a riddle...  What does this refer to?  "We are able to throw a cow into the air by merely sitting at a table with a glass of Chablis!"  End of riddle].  I am finally setting right some of the harm that has been done to me over the years here, by complaining every which way.  Such as: Letters to:

Cub Foods corporate
The Police x 2
at least one doctor
possibly the local cab and bus companies
the local mayor
eventually, when I move, the local newspaper
a lawyer about the guy downstairs
legal groups concerning injury from finasteride and RoundUp
the CFS group/newsletter in Chicago
can't even remember -  but I need to complete this list for my own memory
The Governor

In the mean time, after having written to the 'LL' and the owner of this house, I am now digging up things I wrote in LJ about the crazy man downstairs - compiling them.

That's where you come in...  I thought you might like to look at an old post of mine which relates to the current series on BIPOLAR, which discusses both narcissism and the 'existential bias' - the latter which was referenced in Prt 2 or said series.  Interestingly, it also discusses something I commented to someone yesterday, regarding narcissism in a relationship, etc.  So, here ya go, right here -

ESCAPE TO NARCISSISM - https://madman101.livejournal.com/1923006.html

(i am tired as fuck)
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