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I am the person who will destroy China.

Labyrinth = labyrinth

This is a cute quote - the onions part...

Writing for The Miami News, Jon Marlowe stated, "Connelly is simply the wrong person for the right job. She has a squeaky voice that begins to grate on you; when she cries, you can see the onions in her eyes."[72]

I am watching, "Labyrinth," a 1986 box office flop, which is now a cult classic.  I can see both good and bad reviews being correct.

Oddly, I have 3 other movies starring Jennifer Connelly - Noah; Beautiful Mind, and, Just Not That Into You. (I always confuse her w/ two other actresses).  She's still alive.  Jim Henson died a few years after the film flopped.  Then Bowie died, and then, recently, Terry Jones.  Life is a labyrinth.  So is the brain.

My INBOX is stuck - it doesn't tell me about new comments.

Crazy man downstairs is absolutely quiet today.  I know the psycho-judo I confronted him with yesterday, after he yelled and swore at me from the safety of his porch, really worked on him.  However, I know he's going to bubble up again, and start complaining about ME to the LL's - of course about shovelling, but also because I was up on his porch and wouln't leave when he commanded me to.  He is going to do this because he is absolutist in his oppositional fixation/personality, but also because he knows I am contacting the LL's myself.  Anyway, it was necessary for me to step up on his porch, talking whilst he yelled, as I perfectly diffused the situation thus.  Sometimes, you just have to be a man, because this is a ridiculous world.

My dog is sleeping a lot.  Overcast skies, sleepy day, recovering from the stress of yesterday.  As cool and calm as I was yesterday, my system is so sensitive, due to CFS, that I have incurred some physical harm from it, today.

Walked to library yesterday, to print out letters, etc.  Also did laundry downtown.  This exertion, combined w/ the long trek on Friday, and yesterday's event - not good.
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