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Is there such a thing as a 'nice state'?

I am again ranking states (and cities). I have a lot more factors to include. But my first block is done. It is a ranking of the nicest states. It is a combination of three rankings: Happiest, Friendliest, and Most Polite. Happiest is weighted highest, friendliest is weighted medium, and most polite is rated lowest. (The latter is so because the study was weak, small sample). Here is my list of nicest states to live in:

1 - Minnesota
2 - Hawaii
3 - Colorado
4 - Texas
5 - Georgia
6 - Idaho
7 - North Dakota
8 - Nebraska
9 - Maryland
10- Massachusetts

11- Iowa
12- California
13- Kansas
14- Wyoming
15- South Carolina
16- Wisconsin
17- Ohio
18- Utah
19- Connecticut
20- Oklahoma
21- Nevada
22- Virginia
23- Illinois
24- North Carolina
25- Pennsylvania
26- Washington
27- Indiana
28- New Jersey
29- Alabama
30- South Dakota
31- Vermont
32- Rhode Island
33- Arizona
34- Tennessee
35- Oregon
36- Missouri
37- New York
38- Florida
39- Michigan
40- New Mexico
41- Delaware
42- Kentucky
43- Louisiana
44- Maine
45- Montana
46- New Hampshire
47- Alaska
48- Mississippi
49- West Virginia
50- Arkansas

I don't know why I do these lists, because Minnesota always comes out at the top. But, I know for a fact that Minnesota is probably the most passive aggressive state in the country. I hate passive aggression. And, I have yet to post about it, but I have detected a wide band of petulant nastiness all along the north of the country, probably beginning at Michigan. Spokane, for example, has a mean, dysfunctional attitude which I find not to different to where I currently live - the place I want to LEAVE. (Note how the great state of Washington is far down on the list). Also, note, I am finding just a lot of nastiness here, etc., because of the winter. It was the same last year. I am thinking both politics and climate anxiety, as well as S.A.D., have a lot to do with this. Note that Alaska and Montana are low on the list primarily due to their high rates of depression, being so northerly and wide-open. There is another list which you might want to compare to my list, which is much more comprehensive in its factoring... Here: https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/rankings. See how Washington is at the top of the list. That's because niceness was not factored in.

Other rankings I will eventually include in my tallies are some listing the smartest and dumbest states in America. Massachusetts and NJ always come out on top in those. North Carolina does well, despite other faults it may have. If I recall correctly, Wisconsin does pretty well, but Illinois is down in the middle, and Nevada is near the bottom. So, if you want to look smart, move to a dumb state. Which reminds me - this thought inspired me to invent a school management idea, which I should post about later.

For other posts of mine, doing rankings - go to my tags page, and see under 'states - most...', or, 'cities - most...', or, 'rankings - ...'.  I see there is a post on happiest/unhappiest states, etc.  See also, Mental Floss, for 25 happiest states, etc. If any of yousall Canadians have any lists ranking Canadian Provinces or Cities, let's have it! Or how about Australian? Or - just your opinion of the best places to live hey. OK..
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