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I am the person who will destroy China.

Return of the Spirit-Stealers...

Yet again, I thought I would be OK eating gluten, but nooooooo.  I had a pack of oat stout way back, and i also have been eating wheat bread - wonderful high-fiber multigrain wheat bread.  Turns out these have made me extra fatigued, etc.  Since CFS is a ramping up of most of the immune system, I have a kind of subtle Crone's Disease, or something, so.  Being Irish and all I guess that's my stone of Sisyphus.  Ever tried to push an avalanche uphill?

Since I have my 2017 music all back on my computer, I listened to a nice Neil Young album I never heard before - and then - now, I am listening to David Bowie's compilation, "Legacy."  I must say, it is put together very well.  (I don't think it contains, "Scary Monsters," though).  I looked it up on Wiki and found nothing - not even under, "David Bowie."  What's up w/ this?

Anyway, my computer has been impossibly slow lately, and so I need to listen to music while the wheels keep spinning around...

I would probably be able to do something New Years Eve, but I don't have a clue what that would be.  Also, and in conflict with that, I expect to do a long trek on January 2, for a major stocking up of groceries.  No real snow here.  I asked my LL to let me not shovel, so I can get better, but that would cost me $15 per round - plus an extra $25/month added onto rent.  This is an interesting set-up to ponder, logically, and I might post that later.  For now, I have another incident of Spirit Stealers - in this case, regarding Bowie.  It doesn't just happen to the likes of famous people, like Bowie or W.C.Fields, it happens to everyone under the brunt of it all.  It's just the better-off who survive it.  But, what difference does it make, in the end.  What a silly portrait people paint - one of fools thinking themselves gods.  Snap.  Snap Snap...  WIKI:

Stardust biopic

It was announced on 31 January 2019 that musician and actor Johnny Flynn would be playing Bowie in an upcoming biopic titled Stardust which will be set around Bowie's first trip to the United States in 1971. Christopher Bell is writing the script and Gabriel Range will direct. Actress Jena Malone has signed on to play Bowie's wife Angie while actor Marc Maron will play Bowie's record company publicist.[309]

On 1 February 2019, Bowie's son Duncan Jones spoke out against the film saying that he knew nothing about the movie and was informed about it by a fan on Twitter. Jones also said that the film would not have permission to use any of Bowie's music. "Pretty certain nobody has been granted music rights for ANY biopic... I would know. I'm not saying this movie is not happening. I honestly wouldn't know. I'm saying that as it stands, this movie won't have any of dads music in it, & I can't imagine that changing."[310]

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