I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Janus was mentally ill

January is the Sunday of our year.  It has always been my favourite time to get away from everyone and be creative.  Unfortunately, things come up at this time of year which demand attention, (which I may note later).

Think of it, though.  Halloween is like Friday - casual Friday, where you dress as you wish.

Thanksgiving is like Friday night - time for friendly fun and partying.

Christmas is the ultimate Saturday, even though it is supposed to be a Sunday.

The real Sunday comes right after Christmas, and lasts until just before Valentine's Day, although I just refer to it as January.  Actually, my favourite time is from December 26 until about January 20.  And this may be because I was born in the Southern Hemisphere, and so I keep a little secret summer in my soul, which no one can touch - like a warm fire in a lost Wisconsin cottage, writing songs like a Boney Bear.  And, having been born on the opposite side of the globe, my days forever try to be nights, and vice versa, as I hobble along in lonely insomnia.  My piss twists in a counter-clockwise direction.

Be thankful for your certain situation.
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