I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


I almost didn't do it, but today I managed to finally trek to stores.  (Not the super-long trek to the bog box stores).  Since I was not entirely well, the whole adventure took a lot out of me, especially my faith in humanity.

Two eggs were smashed.  Somehow my lettuce never made it home.  But the worst parts were in dealing with people.  This place is so pathetically deranged, I think I might start doing some serious complaining.  Heads will roll, where once there were eyes.  I am thinking of doing a post, but which will also double as formal complaints, to higher-ups, hopefully those beyond this town.  Beyond Illinois.  This place is garbage.

I will say that there are also nice and/or competent people here, as well.  But they tend to be the ones stuck in the lower cogs of the dysfunction machine.  If you associate with any of them, the BS rushes right in to destroy it.  Soon enough, these sad gems who began somewhat true to their inner nature, will grow gigantic behinds, and rot into the mental lethargy, hate, pig-headedness, gossip, resentment, and blame, that saturates everyone and everything else in this morally retarded environment.  I watch as the clocks turn backwards, and all conspire in egoism and mistake, and the whole place just reverts to the corruption, crime, brokenness, superstition and death, which are so common in any other third-world, hell-on-earth money-pit.

Try being a white male in the midst of this decrepitude.  If they can get away with it - i.e., if you are poor - they will go out of their way to wipe their feet on you, since you are to blame for all their problems.  It must be true, because everyone in their group shouts that it is so.  These people can't even speak English and they insist that they are, a priori, better than me.  It's insane.

(Sat. 5:am) - btw - In case you are judging me, this is not racism.  This is not about blacks or Hispanics.  This is about whites, today.  White trash.  Actually, mainly about short, plump white women who mean to control everything around them, and have everyone else bow down to their opinions.  Whites must hede them, blacks, everyone.  In fact, I was in awe of a black man who was so patient and so generous of spirit, waiting at the customer service desk.  And, the person who ended up helping me in a decent, polite manner was a nice black woman.  So - I don't know WHAT was in the fucking air Friday.  Impeaching Trump - does that explain this?  Do you know that 35% of blacks are supporting Trump?  Look at what happened in the UK - wake up!  Fat little white woman are doomed to fall!
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