I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Life's rich pageant.

I am checking w/ weather radio, to see if I must walk to stores today - or tomorrow.  Probably today.  Woke up with a little dementia, fatigue, continuing headache.  These things follow from hidden brain inflammation.  Suffering consequence of recent walk to library.  Looks like I must depart today.  Almost out of TP, etc.

Started heady post yesterday, but it will have to wait.  Might do tiny heady post now - wait and see.  Topic: coincidence.

Have not found or garnered sleeping pants, which I need.  So, I have taken to wearing thigh-high fishnet stockings.  From some Halloween costume.  Weaving means many spots are pockets for warmth.  My white socks are over them, when I go outside.  Only problem, a few inches of them can be seen between my socks and my robe.  So, that's what was on my mind when I went to check my mail a few minutes ago.  Opened the door, and some loud voice came out of nowhere!  Turned out to be the mailman, talking to crazy man downstairs.  So, I see him coming my way, and I close the door.  Waiting for him to deliver my mail.  Then I retrieved it when he went away.  Living ni the shadows.

Always been a little like that most of my life.  But, soon, e.g., marijuana will be legal, and I can smoke it again, no longer in paranoia.  A few years ago, I asked my CFS specialist if he could get the hospital to accept medical marijuana.  Not a chance, even though he probably is the head of the hospital's board.  So, people in medical need had to go w/o.  Now we have to battle the professional morons at the new city-run pot dispensary which is, by the way, strategically located far away from all the poor (black) people, where I live.  Got to make myself sick just to get my medicine.  But, smoking it will be so great, especially in these fishnet stockings, lol.

So - yes - I did get my $50 refund in the mail, and all that looks good.

I really don't know about trekking to the stores today, as I am a bit ill.  Will need to rest or sleep, followed by a deep hot bath, by which time it may be getting dark.  Pooh on Father Winter.

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