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I am the person who will destroy China.

Gray's The Day

Wintermortis is setting in.  It is getting grey and wet and cold.  Soon, it will be very, very cold.  I don't think so much about achieving that fabled long trek to the big box stores.  That time has come and gone.  The main reasons I wanted to go was to purchase supplements, and also exhaust a little credit check.  I reckon that I will look to purchasing supplements online.

My long-term headache is not gone, yet I did go the the library, a bit more energetic than I have been for a while.  Returned, and checked out.  They actually had George Harrison live in Japan CD, which surprised even the librarian.  Was looking for Zombies, and Lovin' Spoonful, to no avail.  Also got some DVDs.  Comedies.  Just right for settling into a throw for the night.  When I got home, I decided that I would break the fast, and walk to a store of ill repute and get a bottle of cheap fine wine.  The store no longer had Berringers, (from Argentina), but they did have Lindeman's, (from the area of Australia that is on fire).  I prefer foreign wines because there is less chance of glyphosate, and so on.  Hopefully this bottle does not have Koala embers.

At the store, I also espied some packs of beer sitting oddly alongside grocery items.  "Gray's" dark Oatmeal Stout.  From Janesville, Wisconsin.  I strive to be gluten-free.  Because I really think that things like wheat beer make me more ill.  But, I am a fool for oatmeal stout.  (Even though it includes oatmeal, it is mainly made from wheat).  A dark oatmeal stout is about the most Scottish-style beer one can drink on a grey wintery day.  I was swayed to buy a pack when I saw the price: $5.99.  Hoe.  yeah.  So, I might get really sick again by next week, and maybe for months, but I loves my oatmeal stout.  I think it is important to include alcohol in one's basket of survival supplies when it comes to confronting winter boredom and apocalypse.

As Boney Bear once sang, "This year's self-imposed-exile better last..."

Happy Holidays!

This is good popcorn.

What is, "wintermortis"? I think the definition is self-evident and so shall not belabour the subject. It basically means your bones, circulation, mood, habits, and spirit lock up like a Rabi with rabies, in a little more than a symbolic sense. See also: Summertime butterfly in my kitchen.
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