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Volo, Volare

I'm ripping the White Album 50th Anniversary box set.  One of the songs is, "I Will", by McCartney.  I have always loved this song - and loved singing it.  Don't get to sing anything, these days.  In High-school, my buddies and I visitted the nearby retirement home, and performed for the old folks.  Watching us with their eyes.  I sang, "I Will".  Accompanied by piano.  And everyone was teary-eyed.  Or glazed-over.  A  nice thing to do.  Nice Catholic boys.  But all that is past, and all those people are dead.  Sometimes, at night, I see those old people, poking me with sticks, menacingly, howling, "You never did!  You told us you would, but you never did!  May you suffer all the rest of your life!  You said you would, but you didn't!"...

PS - People say that the White Album was too much of a mish-mash. But, it's just like w/ George Harrison's albums: If you rearrange them, like a good mix, they turn out far superior. So, I rearranged the White Album, and, yes, it is far superior. Available upon request. Not for sale, prohibited where void, this is not medical advice, try this at home, existence limitted by time and space. So much for I will..
Tags: kafkaesque, music - b - beatles, my past, will & fate

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